4 One Piece characters that Luffy forgave (and 4 he never will)

Bellamy and Donquixote Doflamingo have entirely different relationships with Luffy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Bellamy and Donquixote Doflamingo have entirely different relationships with Luffy (Image via Sportskeeda)

While Luffy may seem like the forgiving type in One Piece, some characters are too far gone even for him.

The Straw Hat has a tendency to absolve former enemies of their crimes, just as long as they make amends. He has done this repeatedly throughout One Piece. However, his forgiveness can only extend so far. Most villains in the series are simply too cruel to be pardoned.

Whether it's a Fleet Admiral or the world's strongest creature, Luffy will never forgive them for their actions.

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One Piece characters that Luffy did ended up forgiving

4) Nefertari Vivi


When Nefertari Vivi was first introduced in the Reverse Mountain arc, she was an undercover agent for Baroque Works. She attempted to kill Laboon for his whale meat but was eventually stopped by Luffy.

During the Whiskey Peak arc, it was revealed that she was the princess of Alabasta. The Straw Hats ended up saving her from Baroque Work agents who were sent to eliminate her.

After a fairly rocky start, Luffy and Vivi ended up getting along with each other. With that said, he showed her some tough love when he forced her to admit she needed help against Crocodile.

After the Desert King's defeat, Luffy was greatly disappointed when Vivi stayed behind.

3) Hatchan


Hatchan was a former member of the Arlong Pirates, who gave Nami a very difficult childhood. Despite being arrested, the octopus fishman managed to escape. However, he was later captured by the Flying Fish Raiders.

After the Straw Hats accidentally rescued Hatchan, Luffy could barely stand the fishman. However, both of them would soon become friends during the Sabaody Archipelago saga.

When Hatchan was shot by a World Noble, Luffy didn't hesitate to punch the latter in the face. Despite the consequences of his actions, the Straw Hat always protects his friends. This is a defining aspect of the One Piece series.

2) Usopp


Along with the Going Merry ship, Usopp made his One Piece debut in the Syrup Village arc. He is among the earliest characters to join the Straw Hats.

Unfortunately, the Going Merry ship was starting to break down due to the events of Skypiea.

During the Water 7 arc, Luffy and Usopp argued over the state of Going Merry. The ship was damaged beyond repair, but Usopp didn't want to get rid of it. With emotions running high, Luffy ended up fighting his friend.

Usopp wouldn't be able to rejoin the crew until after the Enies Lobby arc. After a tearful apology for everything he did, he was immediately accepted back into the crew.

1) Bellamy


Bellamy was really mean to Luffy during the Jaya arc. He mocked Luffy for having dreams and even beat him up, despite the Straw Hat not fighting back.

Towards the end of the arc, Luffy finally took out Bellamy with a single punch. It's hard to believe they would ever get along.

After the One Piece time skip, Luffy and Bellamy met again in Dressrosa. By this point, Bellamy had gained respect for Luffy and promised to never laugh at him again. In return, the Straw Hat saved his life from Doflamingo.

Bellamy even kept a vivre card to keep tabs on Luffy.

One Piece characters that Luffy won't forgive under any circumstance

4) Donquixote Doflamingo


There is a darkness beneath Donquixote Doflamingo. The colorful One Piece villain not only enslaved the citizens of Dressrosa, but he also turned most of them into toys. Luffy was completely enraged by the Heavenly Yaksha's actions.

Doflamingo even got a hold of the Mera Mera no Mi, a Devil Fruit that once belonged to Ace. Luffy had to enter a tournament to get it back.

Luffy ultimately defeated Doflamingo after he activated Gear Fourth, his strongest form in One Piece. The Straw Hat also fulfilled his promise to Rebecca to save her kingdom from the mad tyrant.

3) Kaido


Kaido is an absolute monster, even by One Piece standards. He turned Wano Country into a desolate wasteland. Many citizens were forced into slave labor, while others ended up starving themselves to death.

When Luffy arrived and befriended a little girl named Tama, he was touched by her generosity. When he found out that Kaido had attacked her, Luffy went to fight him right away.

This wasn't the first time that Kaido angered Luffy, given that he sent Jack to destroy the Mink Tribe back in Zou. The Straw Hat would never align himself with such a cruel dictator.

Kaido is beyond redemption at this point in One Piece. For that reason, Luffy refused to join the Beasts Pirates when he was imprisoned in Udon.

2) Marshall D. Teach


Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, is arguably the biggest rival to the Straw Hat. Both pirate captains want to get their hands on the One Piece treasure. However, that is not why Luffy can't tolerate Blackbeard's presence.

Right before the One Piece time skip, Blackbeard managed to capture Ace and send him to the Marine forces. Luffy's sworn brother would later be executed in Marineford, despite Luffy's efforts to save him.

What Blackbeard did cannot be forgiven, even if he played an indirect role. Luffy deeply cared for Ace, but Blackbeard sent the latter to his doom.

1) Sakazuki


Formerly known by his Admiral alias Akainu, Sakazuki is a vicious man with a deep hatred of pirates. During the Marineford arc, he successfully killed Ace when the latter tried protecting his sworn brother Luffy. Sakazuki also gave the Straw Hat a permanent scar in the aftermath.

Luffy has no reason to ever forgive Sakazuki for what he did. No tragic backstory will be enough to justify his actions. One Piece fans can fully expect these two to have an epic encounter in the future.

It will be a highly emotional battle when they finally reunite.

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