10 One Piece characters with tragic backstories

Sanji doesn't have anybody to cry for him (Image via Toei Animation)
Sanji doesn't have anybody to cry for him (Image via Toei Animation)

Without a doubt, several One Piece characters have been put through the wringer.

The One Piece series doesn't shy away from tragic backstories. Many fans couldn't help but shed a few tears for these fictional characters. Despite the trials and tribulations, some of them have been able to heal themselves. Unfortunately, more than a few never got over what happened to them.

Series creator Eiichiro Oda knows how to get his fans emotionally invested. That's why so many people look forward to character backstories. However, every now and then, fans will need a few tissues by their side.

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One Piece characters with heart-rending backstories

10) Senor Pink


Despite his rather silly outfit, Senor Pink's backstory makes it harsher in hindsight. During the Dressrosa arc, it was revealed that Pink had a loving wife and son. Unfortunately, his infant child passed away due to a fever. Even worse, his wife was reduced to a vegetative state after some accident.

Before his wife died, Pink would always wear toddler clothing to make her smile. One Piece characters often look goofy, but this is the one time it wasn't played for laughs.

9) Boa Hancock


Long before she was among the strongest female characters in One Piece, Hancock was a powerless slave. After being captured by World Nobles when she was 12, Hancock and her sisters had to suffer through years of degradation.

She was eventually freed by Fisher Tiger when he attacked Marie Geoise. However, the damage was already done to her psyche. Hancock grew to hate men with a fierce passion. There are very few exceptions, such as Luffy, during the Amazon Lily arc.

8) Kozuki Hiyori


Hiyori was the loving daughter of Oden and Toki. The latter two were set to rule over Wano Country 20 years ago. However, Kurozumi Orochi put an end to that when he teamed up with Kaido and the Beasts Pirates. Hiyori couldn't do anything to prevent her parents from dying.

Hiyori spent many years hiding from Orochi, having been groomed as a geisha called Komurasaki. She had to put up with the shogun's advances for a very long time, all while she waited for a chance to strike back.

7) Nami


During the Arlong Park arc, Nami was forced to work with the man who ruined her life. It turns out that Arlong was responsible for murdering her adoptive mother when Nami was a child. All she could do was helplessly watch everything unfold. Keep in mind that Nami was an orphan before she met Bell-mère.

For the next several years, Nami was Arlong's main navigator. She even had to wear his official mark on her shoulder.

6) Nico Robin


Robin was considered an outcast within the island of Ohara. Her Devil Fruit powers made other children fearful of her. Keep in mind that regular humans rarely encounter them in the One Piece world. Either way, the only true friend she ever made was the giant Jaguar D. Saul.

When Robin was eight, the World Government ordered the complete destruction of Ohara. Saul had to sacrifice his own life just to ensure Robin would save hers. Her mother also tragically perished during the Buster Call bombing.

Now on the run with a huge bounty, Nico Robin spends the next several years wandering around.

5) Vinsmoke Sanji


One Piece fans shouldn't be surprised to see why Sanji despises his family. Back when he was a kid, Sanji was relentlessly bullied by his brothers. His father saw them as nothing more than genetic experiments. With the exception of Sanji, he managed to get rid of their kinder emotions.

Vinsmoke Judge believed Sanji was too weak to be worth protecting. He even locked his son up in a dungeon. Judge did allow his son to leave the family, but not before calling him a disgrace to the Vinsmokes.

4) Kyros


Kyros is a former gladiator of Dressrosa, with over 3,000 victories under his belt. After marrying a woman named Scarlett, the latter would eventually give birth to Rebecca. Unfortunately, happiness rarely lasts in One Piece flashbacks.

When the Donquixote Pirates took over the kingdom, Kyros could do anything to stop his wife from getting shot. Even worse, he was turned into a toy due to Sugar's Devil Fruit, the Hobi Hobi no Mi. Everybody's memories of Kyros faded away, including his daughter Rebecca.

3) Brook


A long time ago, Brook traveled with the Rumbar Pirates. However, all of them caught an incurable disease. He could only play a sad tune while the rest of his crew passed away.

The only reason Brook didn't join them was because of his Yomi Yomi no Mi, which gave him a second chance at life. However, he would spend the next 50 years on that ship by himself. Most One Piece characters would go insane after a few days.

What makes it worse is that he made a promise to a giant whale named Laboon. Over the next several decades, he believed that he would never see Laboon again.

2) Donquixote Doflamingo


The One Piece narrative rarely takes dark turns like Doflamingo's childhood. During the Dressrosa arc, he was still having nightmares about it. Many fans really do feel sorry for this One Piece villain.

Doflamingo used to live in Marie Geoise as a young child. However, his father made a ridiculous decision to live in the Holy Land. Due to their former status of World Nobles, many lower class people took out their frustrations on them.

After a few years on the run, Doflamingo's mother passed away. The rest of the family lived in extremely poor conditions until they were captured and tortured. Some time afterwards, Doflamingo executed his father in cold blood. No wonder he became a twisted and cruel figure in the One Piece series.

1) Trafalgar Law


Alongside his arch nemesis Doflamingo, Law had a very tragic upbringing. Both of their flashbacks also took place in the Dressrosa arc.

When Law was very young, he lived in the beautiful city of Flevance, which produced amber lead. However, the citizens unknowingly suffered from a generational disease. The World Government knew about the poisonous effects of amber lead, but chose to keep it to themselves.

Eventually, the royal family left while nearby kingdoms destroyed Flevance. Law is the only survivor, having resorted to hiding under dead bodies. He also lost his entire family in the process.

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