10 One Piece characters that are surprisingly more powerful than they seem

Despite his goofy appearance, Franky is a rather powerful fighter (Image via Toei Animation)
Despite his goofy appearance, Franky is a rather powerful fighter (Image via Toei Animation)

There are several characters in One Piece that often get overlooked for their power level.

Everybody knows how strong Gol D. Roger was in his prime, and he is generally the barometer to measure strength in the series. Anytime a tier list is made, it mainly focuses on powerful characters like Luffy and Zoro. Regardless, there are those far below them who can definitely hold their own in a fight.

This article will take a look at One Piece characters who are stronger than the community suggests. They are often slept on, either due to a lack of screentime or showing up too early in the series. Such characters should definitely be given a second look in terms of power level.

10 One Piece characters that are surprisingly strong

10) Brogy and Dorry


In the early days of One Piece, a bounty of 100,000,000 berries was unbelievable. The Elbaf giants first showed up in the Little Garden arc, where they had fought against each other for over a century. 73,467 battles give them several decades of combat experience, which not many characters have.

9) Momonga


Vice Admiral Momonga first showed up in Enies Lobby during a Buster Call. Such a position of power already speaks volumes to his skill level.

However, it's his performance in the Amazon Lily saga that truly makes him stand out. Not only did he effortlessly defeat a Sea King, he also resisted Boa Hancock's Devil Fruit abilities by stabbing himself. Had it not been for his quick thinking, he would've been turned to stone.

8) Brook


Brook may be a simple musician who loves to goof around. However, being an undead skeleton gives him really useful abilities in One Piece. For example, his light weight allows him to run on water.

After some training, the Yomi Yomi no Mi allows him to move his soul independently from his body. He can also freeze objects within his surroundings.

Brook's most impressive act to date was during the Whole Cake Island arc, where he briefly fought Big Mom and her powerful Homies. Despite losing, Brook gave the fiery Prometheus his first ever injury.

7) Franky


In regards to the Straw Hats and their strength, Franky is somewhere right in the middle. His cyborg body gives him access to really powerful modifications, such as laser cannons and beam swords. Franky can also withstand attacks with his durable armor.

He doesn't get many important battles like his comrades do. During the Fishman Island arc, however, he impressed his crew mates by firing a devastating Radical Beam.

6) Tsuru


Tsuru is part of the older generation of Marine soldiers. She once fought right alongside Garp and Sengoku, who are highly regarded for their fighting prowess. Several years ago, long before Doflamingo became a Warlord, she managed to scare him off on sight.

One Piece doesn't really show off Tsuru's capabilities all that much. However, her Devil Fruit has really useful applications, such as cleaning a small amount of evil in people's hearts.

5) Fisher Tiger


A legendary figure within fish-men history, Fisher Tiger once burned down Mary Geoise and freed all the slaves there. This amazing feat cannot be understated, considering he needed to climb the Red Line just to get there.

He was a literal fish out of water, yet he got away with attacking the World Nobles in their home territory. Fisher Tiger is worth far more than his bounty of 230,000,000 berries.

4) Crocodile


Crocodile was introduced very early in the One Piece series. The major antagonist of the Alabasta saga gave Luffy multiple losses before going down. He was then sent to Impel Down, where Luffy eventually freed him in order to save Ace.

Normally, early anime villains are strong for their time, yet they become too weak to catch up later. That isn't the case for Crocodile in One Piece, given that he directly fought the likes of Mihawk and Doflamingo in the Paramount War. His bounty of 81,000,000 berries does not indicate his true strength.

Crocodile isn't a master of Haki by any means, yet he can still fight opponents with his Suna Suna no Mi. His Devil Fruit is among the most powerful in One Piece, at least among Logia users.

3) Emporio Ivankov


Despite his comedic tendencies, Ivankov is a very skilled fighter. During the Impel Down and Marineford arcs, he was able to protect Luffy from countless attacks. Although he was outmatched by the likes of Magellan and Akainu, Ivankov was able to survive them.

The Revolutionary commander once stated he could put Crocodile in his place. Of course, this is the same man who fought evenly with Bartholomew Kuma during the Paramount War.

2) Sentomaru


Vegapunk is arguably the most gifted scientist in One Piece. For this reason, he needs to be protected by a world class bodyguard. Sentomaru isn't seen very often, yet he is a considerably powerful defender. His name should definitely come up more often for Marine tier lists.

Back in Sabaody Archipelago, Sentomaru was able to demonstrate superior Haki against Luffy. He used advanced techniques to hit the Straw Hat without ever touching him. One Piece fans didn't understand how it worked until Wano Country, which took place several years later.

1) Boa Hancock


With the abolishment of the Warlord system, the World Government decided to arrest their former affiliates. It's commonly speculated that Boa Hancock will be captured to show off their new Special Science Group (SSG).

However, One Piece fans shouldn't downplay Hancock for any reason. The Pirate Empress is quite a powerful fighter, based on her ability to control all types of Haki. Fans will likely remember that she easily destroyed Pacifista robots during the Paramount War. Hancock can also turn enemies into stone with her Mero Mero no Mi.

Despite starting off with a relatively low bounty of 80,000,000 berries, it's likely the government has significantly raised it since then. Hancock isn't going to show up late in the story without being a legitimate threat.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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