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Adam Ellis Comic/ Adam Ellis (Images via Adam Ellis's Instagram)

Exploring 10 best works from Adam Ellis' comics

Adam Ellis is a spectacular cartoonist and creator who quit Buzzfeed a few years ago and now rules the internet with his witty comics. The creator takes inspiration from his own experiences and never fails to give his audience relatable and funny material.

His darker experiences are one of the reasons behind his popularity and peculiarity. The creator does try to look on the bright side every now and then, but his fans seem to prefer dusk over dawn.


Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's opinion.

Best Comics by Adam Ellis


10) Manly men


The comic does a great job of depicting the age-old concept of gender roles.

Women are expected to dress more feminine and portray a polite and nurturing temperament. Meanwhile, men are expected to look muscular and be aggressive.

Activities like applying make-up or nail polish are considered feminine, and if a man tries to do it, they're not accepted in the eyes of society.

A person's choice in how they dress or look does not define their gender, it doesn't define anything except how they want to dress.


9) Cinderella wears glass Crocs


Prince Charming was indeed charmed by Cinderella's beauty and ran after her to stop her, taking her footwear in his hands to ask for her number in exchange.

However, the moment he sees that she was wearing Crocs, his attraction flushes down the toilet.

The comic portrays the quick judgement we make based on someone's appearance. Maybe the prince doesn't know that the absence of a flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.

8) Sleeping isn't a crime, right?


Night owls may be more familiar with this situation than the early birds.

This comic portrays sleeping in late as a serious crime. It gives the readers a jolt of laughter as it is highly relatable.

Most people like to sleep late rather than wake up early, and while, it may not be a crime, it sure ruins the day.

7) You're allowed to choose


This one right here portrays the beautiful logic of "agree to disagree."

At the end of the day, every person is different, and everyone is allowed to choose what they seem fit for themselves.

So if you feel that you like Big Bang Theory or Brooklyn Nine-Nine more than F.R.I.E.N.D.S., it's totally fine, but just don't say it out loud.

6) Batman and Robin aren't gay, but I am


Our childhood is a mold that shapes our choices and even our life as we grow older.

This comic by Adam Ellis portrays a relatable experience from the artist's life.

Many of us realize our identity and sexuality through movies. While we might not realize it happening on our own, this comic definitely takes us back to our first celebrity crush.

5) Let people enjoy things


This comic is one of my personal favorites.

It portrays an important message - not everyone needs to hear our opinion. More importantly, we don't have to share everything that comes to our minds.

Instead of swaying someone's choices with needless remarks, let people enjoy things!

4) Games we played as kids vs. games we play now


Everyone misses their childhood and this Adam Ellis comic tries its best to make us miss the good old days even more. The comic does so by showing us the contrast in our lives as we grow up.

It's funny to think that the games we played as children are more useful than we thought. Art with this kind of demonstration is always relatable to everyone in the room.

3) My brain needs more space


I'm sure that this has happened to everyone, and each of us has gone to YouTube to look for a quick recap. The problem with the era of having an excess of great content is that there's too much great content and too much time.

I, for one, try to rewatch my favorites every now and then to prevent this from happening.

2) The bored Sleeping Beauty


Yet another piece inspired by Disney, this Adam Ellis comic does a great job of showing you things you shouldn't say on a date if you wish to see that person again.

This may be the real reason Princess Aurora drifted off to sleep. However, we don't have the means to prove the theory.

1) Is your human friendly?


This piece by Adam Ellis was trending a lot on the Internet.

The concept of asking a pet if their human is friendly does come across as incredibly unique as well as accurate. Let's face it, pets are indeed better than human beings.

If only they could talk...

These comics are just a gist of the massive world that Adam Ellis has created over the years. Every comic portrays something different and makes the reader think the unthinkable.

While the artist has also annoyed his audience at times by uploading old material, again and again, we have to say, all of his comics deserve a like and a share.


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