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Spider-Man: No way home concept art (Image via ryan_meinerding_art/Instagram)

Tom Holland’s final suit revealed in Spider-Man: No Way Home concept art

Right from 2002’s Sam Raimi Spider-Man to the recent MCU iteration, the final scene of the superhero swinging away has been an important part of live-action movies. Swinging and leaping with utmost style and grace makes the Webslinger's fans squeal with joy. Spider-Man: No Way Home did do something interesting with the end swinging as it gave Peter a new suit.

Despite the suit being only partially visible due to the sheer speed of swinging, eagle-eyed fans paused the movie at the right moment to get a better glimpse of the new suit.


The new shiny blue suit was appreciated by fans right from the first instance, but they craved to see the newest iteration of the suit in better quality. As usual, the Marvel studios acknowledged what fans wanted and delivered.

Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding, who worked on Marvel films right from the initial days of Iron Man, dropped a high-quality picture of Spider-Man donning the latest suit.


A closer look at Spider-Man’s new and shiny suit reveals hidden details


Spider-Man: No Way Home was a huge success. Not only did the movie unite comic book fans, it also earned an enormous sum despite the pandemic. The film was the culmination of two decades of the Wall Crawler's history on the big screen and the beginning of a new era for the MCU’s character. A new suit was the perfect way to symbolize this start of a new era.

The new costume, as seen in the concept art, seems to have taken inspiration from many various versions of Spider-Men. The red part and the webbing on it are similar to the early Civil War costume. The mask and eye structure remain unchanged.

Peter made the suit on his own, so it is unclear if he has inculcated technology in it like what previous costumes did. A guess is that technology will be missing. Although it would be cool to see eye movement on the mask since the feature makes him more expressive.


In an interview with IGN, writer Eric Sommers expressed that they focused on Peter moving into a new phase of life and away from the shadow of his former mentor Tony Stark. This restricted him from using Stark's technology.

Sommers said:

“So time will tell exactly what’s in that suit. But I think people can look forward to a different kind of suit and a different level of technology, but maybe Peter’s got something stashed away somewhere and it’s full of gadgets. Who knows?”

The blue of the suit is shiny and adds a great contrast to the red. People are claiming the new costume to be the most comic book accurate.

The biggest change was the spider emblem on the chest. The minimalistic hexagonal spider logo was replaced by a new one. The logo seems to be inspired by Sam Raimi's Spider-Man suit and it makes sense since Maguire’s Peter acted as the mentor for Holland’s character.

Spider-man's new suit looks fantastic!!! #SpiderMan #MarvelStudios #marvelcomics twitter.com/getFANDOM/stat…
Official #NoWayHome concept art gives closer look at Spider-Man's final costume

(via @MeinerdingArt)
10:56 AM · Mar 4, 2022

Writer Chris McKeena also expressed his views about the new suit:

“No, I mean, you see a sewing machine on the table and so you know he’s made his own suit; but, you know, I think everything that’s implied in that to me says this is a different Peter and a different Spider-Man than we’ve seen before.”

It is unclear as to when Tom Holland's Spider-man will make his next MCU appearance, but fans hope to see him on screen in the upcoming Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.


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