From The Avengers to Spider-Man: Far From Home, 7 highest-grossing Marvel movies

Highest-grossing Marvel movies of all time (Image via @tomholland2013/Instagram, Disney+hotstar, Marvel Entertainment/Youtube, @avengers/Instagram, @chadwickboseman/Instagram)
Highest-grossing Marvel movies of all time (Image via @tomholland2013/Instagram, Disney+hotstar, Marvel Entertainment/Youtube, @avengers/Instagram, @chadwickboseman/Instagram)

Marvel fans are always quick with their answers when asked about their favorite hits by the MCU. Though the movies kept getting better with time, a few of the blockbusters still stand undefeated with the highest-grossings.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters with great force, leaving fans bewildered and excited. People often look back at the times when the movies had only started coming out giving rise to a new cinematic era. From The Avengers to the very last Endgame, fans saw the mightiest superpowers fight crime and villains.

The Avengers: Endgame marked the end of an era with the demise of a few favorites and becoming one of the highest-grossing superhero films.

Right after Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home gave fans hope that Marvel will have a lot stacked up for the upcoming years. While it was placed amongst the top ten highest-grossing MCU movies, it also made way for No Way Home.

From time-to-time, fans look back at these superhits, and reminisce about the time the MCU changed the face of cinema, creating several box office hits along the way.

7 highest-grossing Marvel movies of all time

1.) The Avengers: Endgame (2019)

The Avengers: Endgame was the last movie of the Avengers coming all together to fight a universal threat, Thanos. Earth's mightiest of all Marvel movies combine forces to make Endgame a record-breaking blockbuster.

The last movie of the Avengers series also saw the demise of a few favorites such as Black Widow, Tony Stark and left Captain America as an old man. Though people were stoked to see a masterpiece in this lifetime, the ending left Marvel fans shattered.

The movie is not only the highest-grossing Marvel film, but reportedly one of the most successful movies of all time. According to the BBC,

"This Marvel movie is estimated to have made a massive $2.79bn since its release in April 2019 - making it the second most successful movie of all time worldwide."

2.) Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Spider-Man: Far From Home (Image via @tomholland2013/Instagram)
Spider-Man: Far From Home (Image via @tomholland2013/Instagram)

After Endgame events left Earth in pieces, especially for all Marvel fans, Spider-Man: Far From Home was a much-required Marvel movie, and the perfect coping mechanism. The friendly, neighborhood superhero Spider-Man is touring across Europe with his friends when things take a bad turn.

Mysterio is the new villain disguised as a friend and although Peter is heart-broken to lose his idol, Tony Stark, he must continue Iron Man's legacy.

The shocking ending to this megahit with Peter's identity revealed to the world, the movie was a number one box office hit for the first few weeks. Reportedly, the movie has been positioned among the top 10 Marvel movies since it made a profit of more than $1bn.

3.) Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther (2018) (Image via @chadwickboseman/Instagram)
Black Panther (2018) (Image via @chadwickboseman/Instagram)

"Wakanda Forever" became the kids' favorite slogan when King T'Challa took over his father's throne. The Oscar-nominee Black Panther is the narrative of Wakanda, a technologically-superior African kingdom.

The stunning music and perfect balance of fantasy and drama with the superhero-action genre made the movie a complete success at the box office on a global level. The movie also consisted of a few of the most iconic soundtracks produced by Kendrick Lamar.

4.) The Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

The second-highest grossing superhero movie, The Avengers: Infinity War, leads to the events of Endgame. The film circulates around Thanos and his journey to collect all the infinity stones.

While the Avengers join forces with other super powers existing in the universe to stop Thanos, the movie ends with 50% of the universe's population wiped out. Although the movie saw the mighty fall, they had to make a second attempt at collecting the infinity stones before Thanos.

The movie ends where Endgame begins, giving Marvel fans two of the most enigmatic superhero films. Reportedly, the movie was as successful as it could ever be making more than $2bn at the box office.

5.) Captain America: Civil War (2016)


With the Avengers split into two contingents, one on Iron Man's side while the other on Captain America's, the superheroes fight each other. The government wants control of the Avengers, fueling disagreements between the two factions leading to the creation of Captain America: Civil War.

Time magazine reported,

"Though the film had earned millions, it had still earned less than Age of Ultron in the same number of days, according to Box Office Mojo."

Regardless, the Avengers stand tight together as seen in the next couple of movies. The drama caused the movie to be another Marvel hit.

6.) Iron man 3 (2013)

Iron Man 3 (Image via Marvel UK/Youtube)
Iron Man 3 (Image via Marvel UK/Youtube)

In 2013, Iron Man 3 came out in theaters where Iron Man, assisted by his beloved Pepper, fights a peculiar villain called Mandarin. Though Tony Stark loses his spark and his confidence suffers a serious blow, he is backed by his right hand man and great friend, James Rhodes.

Tech genius and billionaire Tony builds his suit back stronger than ever. The movie made a worldwide gross of $1.2bn with the self-made superhero gaining his confidence back and the knight in shining armor saves the world, yet again.

7.) The Avengers (2012)

The Avengers (Image via Marvel Entertainment/Youtube, Disney+hotstar)
The Avengers (Image via Marvel Entertainment/Youtube, Disney+hotstar)

The Avengers was the first Avengers movie in the MCU dropped in 2012. It also became the highest grossing film of the year. The storyline took the team, under Nick Fury's Avengers Initiative, on a quest to stop Loki and alien forces from destroying Earth and capturing the tesseract.

While it was the first time that the Avengers had assembled together, it was also the beginning of the end of an era. As every Avengers movie was a step towards Endgame, fans saw their favorite characters grow and the team's forces increase.

Reportedly, the movie became the third highest-grossing film of MCU as it made a global profit of $1.5bn.

The MCU has created a cinematic universe better than any and a fanbase greater than any. Over the years, fans have made emotional connections with every MCU character and hope to see the list grow with many more phenomenal additions.

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