'The Batman' released to much fanfare earlier this month (Image via Warner Bros.)

Top 5 jaw-dropping moments in The Batman

The Batman is currently out in theaters and receiving rave reviews from fans and critics. The Robert Pattinson starrer is chock-full of jaw-dropping moments that pump viewers with excitement and get them on their feet.

Matt Reeves has crafted a masterpiece for Batman's fans to devour their teeth into. And combined with Greig Fraser's amazing cinematography and Michael Giacchino's epic score, this new movie delivers one spectacular moment after another.


Note: Spoilers ahead for The Batman movie.

Five epic moments from 'The Batman'

5) "Fear is a tool" opening sequence

The Batman has one of the most perfect opening sequences in any comic book movie. After the cold open, the film begins with Robert Pattinson doing a voiceover as Batman set to Nirvana's Something in the Way.


We see him narrating his experience as the Caped Crusader over the past two years and how he has developed fear as a tool.

Robert Pattinson looking at the Bat-signal (Image via Warner Bros.)

The narration gives us a look at Batman's psychology like no Batman film has before. It reveals how he has instilled fear in the criminals of Gotham so that when the light hits the sky, they are all looking out for him in the shadows.

When the hero finally does step out of the shadows and beats the gang up, it's the perfect introduction for the character.


4) Batman saving people in the flood

All comic book movies have jaw-dropping action sequences in the third act, and The Batman is no different. But it's the moment that follows the big action set piece that moves the entire audience, as Batman guides the citizens out of the flood zone.

I just got out of my third viewing of seeing #TheBatman & it definitely irons out the minor gripes that I had with the film. It’s so perfectly paced, so meticulously crafted, & so impeccably written & directed.

This film requires repeat viewings. Such a masterful work of art.
5:01 AM · Mar 5, 2022

The scene finally shows us his transformation from "Vengeance" to the Batman as he becomes more than just a vigilante and turns into a symbol of hope for Gotham. It completes the emotional arc of the film and makes for an epic ending beat.


3) Iceberg Lounge break-in

Some of the best moments of The Batman take place in the Iceberg Lounge, as the hero goes there repeatedly with various agendas. But the most epic sequence comes at the end when he goes there for the final confrontation with Carmine Falcone.

From the fight scene that DOP Grieg Fraser lit with only the light from the gun's muzzle flashes to the twist of how Riddler had been playing them all along from just a few meters away, the whole sequence is one of the best moments from the movie.

2) Arkham interrogation scene

The interrogation scene between Batman and The Joker in The Dark Knight is legendary. In this movie, we get another interrogation scene, this time between Batman and The Riddler, and the result is equally brilliant.


Robert Pattinson and Paul Dano knocked it out of the park in this scene, and it was just their performance and the excellent dialogue that made this scene amazing.

1) Penguin chase scene

The Batman is not a complete action movie like most comic book movies, but rather a slow burn detective story. Having said that, the penguin chase sequence with the batmobile is one of the best examples of action filmmaking ever showcased in modern cinema.

Robert Pattinson with the Batmobile (Image via Warner Bros.)

The scene just proves once again why the batmobile is so cool. Batman chasing Penguin through the streets as Michael Giacchino's bombastic theme plays in the background is sure to get the audience hyped.

And when the batmobile makes that jump through the fire, and we see the shot of Batman's silhouette in the fiery background, it is the definition of jaw-dropping.

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