Gaming franchises that would be a great fit for open-world titles (Image via Ubisoft)

5 video game franchises that would be great as a open-world title

The open-world video game genre is one of the most immersive ways for players to indulge in some excellent storylines and get an in-depth experience of the narrative. Gaming studios release plenty of open-world titles that offer spectacular gameplay and visuals every year.

Even with such popularity, plenty of gaming franchises are still yet to release an open-world title. With a detailed storyline, many franchises are perfect for the open-world role-playing format and will surely be liked by the gaming community.


Here are some of the most popular gaming franchises that should definitely release an open-world title.

Video game franchises that players would love to see as an open-world title

1) Prince of Persia


First released in 1989, Prince of Persia is one of the most popular action-adventure series that players still love to play. The popularity of Prince of Persia started growing when Ubisoft took over the series and released Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in 2003.

The franchise received three more installments in the main storyline, including Warrior Within (2004), Two Thrones (2005), and The Forgotten Sands (2010). The series boasts an excellent storyline with well-structured characters, ideal for creating an open-world title.

While things may get a little complicated as the prince moves through time, players would love to explore the world of Prince of Persia in a much more immersive and engaging way.

2) Super Mario


Nintendo’s flagship platformer series, Super Mario, is one of the most iconic series in the world. Primarily set in the fictional world of Mushroom Kingdom, players take on the role of Mario and make their way through the themed levels in order to rescue Princess Peach.

Super Mario games have come a long way since the first Super Mario was released in 1985. Even though Nintendo has come closer to making Super Mario an open-world title, the games are still split into different worlds and levels.

Nintendo has already released multiple Super Mario video games with worlds having one big level, and it is expected that developers will incorporate one large open-world map with the upcoming Super Mario games.


3) Battlefield

The Battlefield series is one of EA DICE's most popular first-person shooters. First released in 2002, there are a total of 11 excellent Battlefield video games that mainly focus on large multiplayer battles and engaging single-player campaigns.

The recent Battlefield titles haven’t quite been up to the mark, with Battlefield 2042 being a huge disappointment. This might just be the perfect time to reinvent the franchise and turn the military shooter into an open-world video game.

Although Battlefield games feature large maps with hundreds of NPCs, a fully-fledged open-world title can help the franchise reach new heights. It will also open up the possibility of creating a more immersive multiplayer mode.

4) Silent Hill


Konami’s iconic Silent Hill series has been the epitome of the survival horror genre for years. Set in a fictional American town, all four main installments have been heavily influenced by a psychological horror narrative.

Despite Silent Hill: Downpour allowing maximum exploration for players among its peers, the franchise is yet to release a full-fledged open-world game. Some Silent Hill titles still offer an open-world experience in a few segments, but players often find it unsatisfying due to a lack of exploration capabilities.

Due to the game’s huge popularity, Konami might just incorporate a larger town with less linear gameplay and can make the franchise a gem in the horror survival genre.

5) Resident Evil

The Resident Evil franchise has been a huge hit since Capcom first released Resident Evil in 1996. With the revolutionary evolution of the Resident Evil franchise, video games have become much more dynamic and offer more depth to their narratives.

While the latest installment, Resident Evil Village, does let players roam freely around certain areas of the map, the majority of the narrative is mostly linear. A large number of side quests and other core elements of Resident Evil titles definitely call for an open-world approach.


Players would love to see an open-world Resident Evil video game with beasts chasing players all around the entire map.

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