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5 worst video game DLCs of all time

Video game DLCs have mixed memories when it comes to the gaming community. DLCs stand for any additional content released digitally, and players have to download it to expand their in-game experience.

The method is old, but current times have seen more and more video games relying on it. These DLCs are made available as paid and free options and mostly depend on the game and its publishers.


There have been some brilliant DLCs of video games in the past. More often than not, they tend to be matters of controversy, which have increased in recent times.

The next five names might not be the latest in terms of their occurrence, but their respective fan bases have hated them for different reasons.

Top five video game DLCs that are hated by fans

5) Kingdom Hearts III


The Kingdom Hearts series has a devoted fan base who have invested their time in several video games of the series. The overall reception of Kingdom Hearts III was quite positive, as players loved the game's core.

When the DLC called Re: Mind was announced, fans were naturally excited. The DLC would have let the players control other characters and filled some narrative gaps.

Unfortunately, whoever decided to design the DLC left a lot to be desired. The stages in the DLC were recycled, and so were the bosses present in it. What was supposed to be a challenge for players felt like a tedious chore.

The lack of quality in the DLC was easily visible, and it didn't take long for fans to understand that. Overall, Re: Mind was a disastrous effort as far as video game DLCs are concerned.


4) Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is the first standalone game circulating the character, and the base game has been an absolute hit. Season Pass has already promised four expansions, one of which has since been released.

Titled Coiled Captors, the DLC is available as a standalone option or to those who own the season pass. Fan expectations were high, and many expected it to carry the promise of the core game.


Unfortunately, all Coiled Captors brought was just an extra dungeon that offered very little. It did provide a new enemy type and boss, but it was poorly implemented.

It also increased the level cap, which resulted in players having to grind even more to get the rarest weapons. Overall, Coiled Captors undid a lot of the goodwill that the base game had managed to create.

3) Battlefield 4

While unlocking weapons is part of the core gameplay, fans expect the treatment to be fair to all. Battlefield 4 is considered one of the better games of the series. However, the video game has suffered from a poor reputation due to its history with DLCs.

Many feared the worst when multiple DLCs were allowed before the game was released. They weren't wrong when one considered the Ultimate Shortcut bundle.

The bundle does exactly as its name suggests. The bundle allows any player to acquire all high-tier weapons without grinding for them for real-life money. Battlefield 4 was a full-priced $50 video game, and when the bundle was released, fans were less than pleased.


The main problem with the bundle was that it didn't reward the efforts of players who took the long road. It created an imbalance in the multiplayer modes that took a long time to solve.

2) The Saboteur

The Saboteur has one of the most embarrassing histories of DLCs in video games. There has been no shortage of poor DLCs, but the intentions with which The Midnight Show was launched are nothing but an embarrassment.

The Saboteur remained a game with great potential but was let down by bugs and glitches, making the entire experience suboptimal. Instead of rectifying those, EA decided to implement a $4.99 DLC that had one objective - nudity.

The DLC allows players to observe the dancers of the Belle de Nuit burlesque house in Paris completely nude. Whatever censorship there was with the base game was removed with the DLC.

The pricing was also controversial as players with used copies of the game had to pay the full price. The publishers pulled the plug on it later after it had created a lot of controversies.


1) The Sims 4

When DLCs first started arriving for The Sims 4, it was exciting for the players. The DLCs truly looked to expand the experience from the life sim video game. Fans were quite happy as the content had variety and novelty about them.

The problem started when it became clear what the trend would be. DLCs continued to arrive one after the other, but the earlier quality was nowhere to be found.

What makes the entire DLC nature of The Sims 4 seem so bad is that many of them were just recycled and sold as new things. Mavis has continued to sell more and more as the game has expanded since its release.

While fans will find it hard to identify the current game based on what it was at launch, the pricing has also exponentially gone up.

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