"Battlefield 4 has more gameplay altering disasters": Battlefield 2042 player points to another lack of content compared to previous titles

Disappointed fan states yet another issue with the current game (Image via YouTube/ExoGhost)
Disappointed fan states yet another issue with the current game (Image via YouTube/ExoGhost)

An introduction is not required to state how Battlefield 2042 has made its fans unhappy with the overall content, gameplay, and addition of features. What was set to be the founding pillar for future Battlefield games has turned into a problem for DICE and EA. While the game has its issues, fans have consistently pointed out where the previous games in the series have outdone the latest one.


When the trailer was released, Battlefield 2042 sold a dream to players. Five months later, most of those dreams have not been realized. The game's severe issue with bugs has kept developers busy. This has resulted in the delay of the promised content, which has displeased fans.

There have been occasions when more players have played previous releases like Battlefield V over the latest one. One fan has now stated another area where Battlefield 2042 is behind compared to a much older game.

Battlefield 2042 has fewer gameplay-altering disasters than Battlefield 4

There's a gap of approximately eight years between Battlefield 4 and the latest release by DICE. There have been numerous technological innovations in between. The gaming industry and its products today are noticeably different from in 2013.

As stated by Reddit user u/Toxicity-F3, there are incidentally more gameplay-altering disasters in Battlefield 4. These are the disasters the game has:

  • Rainstorms/Hurricanes
  • Urban flooding
  • Sandstorms
  • Bushfires (Caspian border has spots where you can light fires that spread)
  • Ignitable oil spills
  • Blizzards
  • Landslides

In comparison, the latest Battlefield game has the following disasters:

  • Tornadoes
  • Sandstorms
  • Rainstorms/"Hurricanes"

Out of the three, hurricanes and sandstorms have been a regular part of all Battlefield games, starting with Battlefield 4.

Given that the two games belong to the same series, it's natural that they will share many features. It is also assumed that Battlefield 2042 will have more additions being the newer one. But based on the observation above, the reality is the opposite.


Gameplay-altering disasters may seem like a minor issue compared to the other problems Battlefield 2042 has. However, modern games have increased elements like the environment and weather. These elements offer uniqueness to the same map and make the gameplay more dynamic.

One could have perhaps forgiven the latest release for not getting any new game-altering disasters if it had the same ones. There seems to be no visible reason why DICE hasn't put all the 'disasters' from the previous games.

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There's a chance that some new ones might be added when Season 1 content comes. Season 1's postponement itself angered many fans when DICE announced it. For the time being, Battlefield 4 having more gameplay-altering disasters is another dismaying fact for the latest Battlefield product.

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