Best grenade spots on Dust 2 in CS: GO

Best grenade spots on Dust 2 in CS: GO in 2023

Dust 2 is one of the most iconic maps in FPS history (Image via Valve)

Dust 2 may be the most commonly played and well-known CS: GO map, making it necessary to understand every corner and angle.


Knowing where to place a grenade is vital, whether in the early portions of a round or 1v1 bomb site scenario. Grenades can clear corners and doorways or even net a lucky kill if placed in a popular hiding spot.

Frag grenades and smoke grenades are essential pieces of equipment in this FPS. They can provide cover, allow for a quick push, and set the team up for success on Dust 2 in CS: GO. Choosing a proper grenade placement is very important for players.

Most potent Dust 2 grenade placements in CS: GO


There are a handful of helpful grenade locations on Dust 2. Each requires lining up with a specific landmark, placing the crosshair correctly, and launching the grenade.

Here are some of the best sites that will leave enemies scratching their heads on Dust 2, wondering how their perfect angle was disrupted by a random grenade taking them out in the game.

B-Door smoke

Line up here to smoke B Door on Dust 2 in CS: GO (Image via Valve)

A lot of the time, the CT side will place a player in the middle section. This allows them to quickly move to whatever site is being hit to assist. B Door is often in their line of sight to stop pushes.


In the upper tunnels near B, players can look at the ceiling after positioning themselves next to the box by the door. Toss a smoke between the small ceiling gap, and it will land directly to block the CT player's vision.

Cross smoke

Head to this spot for the cross smoke on Dust 2 in CS: GO (Image via Valve)

This is a great smoke placement that allows teams to push together. A player or two on the other team is likely watching this entry point and ready to shoot on sight.


Pass the long doors and take out the smoke grenade. Aim at the edge of the crosswalk and start running toward Long A. Jump, throw the smoke, and keep moving with plenty of cover.

Xbox smoke

Put the crosshair here and toss the smoke to Xbox (Image via Valve)

The Xbox smoke is perhaps the most well-known grenade spot in CS: GO on Dust 2. It is typically used when the terrorist team looks to play near or push up the middle of the map.

Approach outside Long and get into the first right corner after passing the T-side spawn. Crouch and place the crosshair at the building's edge. Stand up, jump, and toss the grenade. It will land on top of Xbox and smoke out the AWPer.

A-Long flash

Toss a flash over this wall (Image via Valve)

It isn't always about smoke grenades. The flash at A Long is a great way to blind enemies to push in and take them down without disrupting both sides' vision of what lies ahead.

Head outside A Long and aim at the top of the wall over the car. Jump, throw the flash, and rush through the doors to catch any enemies flashed off guard.

Car frag/Molotov

Pop a Molotov or frag over the Salon to clear New Car on Dust 2 in CS: GO (Image via Valve)

New Car is a spot users hold in the early parts of a round and after bombs have been planted. So, this could work for a push or a possible flank to stop a post-plant hold.

Stand on the barrel by the Long Doors location. Throw a frag or a Molotov over the Salon sign. The frag will expose anyone there, and the Molotov will catch the area on fire, burning them up or forcing them to relocate.

Lower Tunnel

Line up here to surprise any players near Lower Tunnel (Image via Valve)

In the top right, above the minimap, CS: GO players will be told what location they are currently in. Go to Lower Tunnel for this final grenade spot. Line up the crosshair with the building just under the streetlight when looking upward.

Toss a smoke, flash, or frag. Anybody hiding there or rushing through the other side will be caught. They'll be blind, have their vision obscured, or be straight blown to pieces. That allows the thrower to move in and take control of that spot in the game.

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