The character creation screen in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

7 best Street Fighter 6 character creations

Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode adds an incredible story-driven game mode that is unheard of in fighting games. The World Tour mode allows players to create their own character and basically insert their creations into the Street Fighter 6 narrative. One of the best parts of this mode is its incredibly detailed Character Creation menu that allows you to tweak almost every aspect of your avatar.

Due to the variety of options available in the Character Creator in World Tour mode, players have been able to use their imagination and creativity to make avatars that resemble iconic characters who aren't from the Street Fighter series.


Best Street Fighter 6 created characters

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One of the best parts about Street Fighter 6's character creation mode is that it allows you to share your creations with other players using codes called Character Recipes. It also allows you to download characters that were made by other players.

Here are some of the best created characters that you can use in Street Fighter 6:


1) Lara Croft

Lara Croft in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

The famed archaeologist Lara Croft is one of the most famous video game characters of all time. She stars in plenty of her own video games in the Tomb Raider series and can now achieve a new goal. No, it's not raiding another tomb for some artifact, it's becoming a world-class fighter.

The password for Lara Croft's character is EUA7CATB9.


2) Kratos

Kratos in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

The brutal and almighty god slayer and star of the God of War series, Kratos, can be brought in to test his strength against the stellar cast of fighters in this game. Thankfully, Kratos will have to adhere to the rules for fighting in the Street Fighter series instead of resorting to his more brutal ways.


The password for using Kratos as your own character is RBXDUHXPC.

3) Geralt of Rivia

Geralt in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

The highly skilled and beloved monster slayer, Geralt of Rivia, also makes his way into the Street Fighter universe. Geralt brings his famous silver locks and tests his fighting skills, although this time around, he isn't equipped with the steel and silver swords we usually see him slay his foes with.

If you want to play as the most famous Witcher from Kaer Morhen, the password is FDEWLR79C.

4) Daenerys Targaryen


The Khaleesi has traveled all the way from Westeros to see if she has what it takes to become a world-class fighter without the aid of her soldiers or her dragons. Let's just hope other fighters don't get too impatient while she's introducing herself.

The recipe has been posted by the Youtube Channel Apollo Astral Character Creations. Unfortunately, the user who created this did not share a code, but they did share how to create the character in their video. If you want to spend a few extra minutes to play as Daenerys, go ahead and take a crack at it and maybe add your own twists.

5) Regina

Regina in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

Regina from Dino Crisis is back. Unfortunately, it's not in a new Dino Crisis game, and she has instead become a playable character in a different Capcom game. While we may be doomed to never see Regina return as the velociraptor-slaying badass that we once knew her as, we at least have the chance to play as her once again in Street Fighter's latest installment.

The code for Regina is SRF68QDWB.

6) Waluigi

Waluigi in Street Fighter (Image via Capcom)

This one is certainly one of the more outlandish character creations, but it's welcome anyway. Waluigi has somehow become a fan favorite from the Mario universe, and while we are yet to see a game with Waluigi as the main star, we can play as Waluigi and aid him in his quest to become a world-class fighter.

The code for Waluigi is 8J7P4XN35.

7) Jinx

Jinx in Street Fighter (Image via Capcom)

You can now bring the wild and eccentric personality of Jinx from the popular MOBA League of Legends to the world of Street Fighter. If you've ever wondered who would win in a fight between Juri and Jinx, now's your chance.

Street Fighter 6's character creation definitely offers some of the best customization options out there, and it allows players to express their creativity and bring some iconic characters into the game. You can find codes for more characters in gaming forums and subreddits dedicated to Street Fighter 6.

The code to download Jinx is TFJXX6CLA.

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