Warzone 2 DMZ Crown's eye mission guide (Image via Activision)

How to complete the crown's eye mission in Warzone 2's DMZ?

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) mode in Call of Duty Warzone 2 received a refresh on the available mission list alongside a brand new faction - Crown. The objective of this is quite straightforward but can get a little tricky to successfully complete while battling enemy AI combatants.

The Crown’s eye mission tasks players with placing a secret camera inside Building 21 which is available only for a few days every week. Several precautions and preparations are crucial to the success rate of such DMZ missions. Players can drop into Al Mazrah or Ashika Island to gather equipment.


Warzone 2 DMZ Crown’s eye mission guide

Activision released DMZ mode alongside Warzone 2 as a survival counterpart with various missions and objectives. Players can take up tasks from different factions and safely exfil from the area to preserve their loot.

The Crown’s eye mission is a Tier 3 category that requires players to infiltrate Building 21 and place a spycam in a specific location. Players can follow the steps listed below to efficiently complete this mission.

  • Prepare your loadout and carry full armor.
  • Equip Tactical Camera as the field upgrade.
  • Find a Key Card for Building 21.
  • After entering Building 21, navigate to the third floor to reach the objective room.
  • The room is located directly at the end on the right side of the main entrance. It is easily identifiable as the room is filled with glass windows.
  • Go to the last room and throw the equipped Tactical Cameras inside to complete the objective.
  • Make your way to the exfil point. Players can expect heavy resistance on the way back as all the guards will engage in gunfights.

DMZ changes

The current state of the DMZ mode is different from the version that launched. The developers have adjusted the level of difficulty of the missions to ensure that players can get their second weapon slot faster.


Similar adjustments were also introduced to the AI combatants that spawn to deter player interference in certain protected spaces. The number and accuracy at different ranges were balanced to level the playing field.

The developers also tweaked the spawn points for the mode across Al Mazrah to provide players with equal opportunities to gather loot. This will ensure that players are well-equipped to handle different gunfight scenarios.

Activision also worked on the stability of the mode to ensure that players do not suffer from game crashes. This is a very difficult situation as players will lose all their unsaved loot if the game shuts down in the middle of a session.

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