Bicycle kicks are overpowered in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports and Getty)

How to perform bicycle kicks in FIFA 23

Bicycle kicks are some of the most flashy and entertaining maneuvers in football, and fans will be eager to replicate them on the virtual pitch of FIFA 23. While these feats of athleticism are extremely difficult to pull off in real life, gamers will be pleased to learn that they are rather easy to perform in-game.

Flair shots have been extremely overpowered in the meta of FIFA 23 since the game's release. These can occur in the form of outside-foot trivelas, rabona shots, or impressive bicycle kicks, depending on the scenario and how the shot is set up. The latter is often regarded as the ultimate display of extravagance and skill on the virtual pitch despite being relatively easy to perform.


Bicycle kicks are an enjoyable way to score in FIFA 23

Some of the best goals scored in recent memory involve bicycle kicks. From Wayne Rooney's spectacular effort against Manchester City to Cristiano Ronaldo's banger against Juventus, these showcases of technique and athletic ability are admired around the world.

How to perform bicycle kicks in FIFA 23


With FIFA 23 being the most authentic and realistic depiction of the sport in the history of the franchise, gamers can recreate countless real-life scenarios on the virtual pitch. This includes the infamous bicycle kicks popularized by some of the most famous names in football.

To perform the maneuver, the most important aspect is the setup. Contrary to traditional flair shots like rabonas and trivelas, the ball must be airborne to execute a bicycle kick. With the ball in the air, gamers must press the shot button while holding down L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox.

Timing is the most important factor in this process, and players performing the shot must also be facing the direction from which the ball is approaching. If the ball arrives from behind the player, they will most likely attempt a scorpion kick instead.

Which are the best players for scoring bicycle kicks in FIFA 23?


While the shot itself is a one-star skill move that can be performed by most players in the game, gamers will find more success when attempting it with those possessing the flair trait. Not only will these players perform the maneuver more consistently, but the accuracy of the shot will also be improved.

Footballers renowned for being flashy and athletic in real life are the ideal choice in this scenario. The likes of Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Mohammed Salah, and Vinicius Junior are some of the best examples of players who possess the flair trait as well as impressive shooting stats.

These are ideal candidates when it comes to scoring a wide variety of flair shots in FIFA 23, allowing gamers to explore their creative side.

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