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Unlock Dee Jay's alternate costume in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

How to unlock Dee Jay's alternate costume in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is a great follow-up to its previous title and comprises many interesting game modes to compete in. Apart from those with competitive battles, it also offers a comprehensive single-player story mode called World Tour. You can find various Masters like Dee Jay, who are prominent characters from the series, with whom you can spar.

You can even acquire an alternate costume for Dee Jay and other masters by progressing through the World Tour mode. There are several ways you can obtain his alternate outfit, including by raising the Bond with him or using Fighter Coins at the in-game shop that costs real money.


How to get Dee Jay’s alternate costume in Street Fighter 6


Street Fighter 6 features a mix of renowned characters from past games and some new ones. This makes it a welcoming experience for both series veterans and newcomers alike. World Tour mode is one of the prime highlights of this fighting game that offers an open-world experience wherein you come across your favorite characters and fight with them.

To get Dee Jay's alternate costume, will first need to find him in the World Tour mode. Divided into chapters, you will encounter Dee Jay during Chapter 6. You must head to the location called Bather’s Beach in Jamaica wherein you will be greeted with a cutscene involving him.


After the cutscene, you will fight him and thereafter, you can interact with him to add him as a master. Street Fighter 6 comprises a Bond level associated with each of the masters, including Dee Jay. You must increase the Bond to level 100 to unlock the alternate costume.

You can enhance the level by partaking in quests offered by masters. Furthermore, you can also give them gifts as many times as you wish to boost the Bond. You must gift Dee Jay a Lukewarm Beer which can be acquired from a merchant in Ranger’s Hut.

You can buy Lukewarm Beer for Dee Jay (Image via Capcom)

Note that buying gifts will cost you in-game currency called Zenny. It can be earned in many ways, including selling unwanted items, exploring the world, and completing missions.

If you don’t wish to spend time increasing the Bond level, resort to Street Fighter 6’s premium currency, Fighter Coins. Peruse this guide that covers all aspects of how to get and use Fighter Coins. You can buy these coins using real money and then spend 50 coins in the shop (in the Multi Menu) to obtain Dee Jay’s alternate outfit.

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If you are new to fighting games, hone your skills in the Fighting Ground mode, which includes an extensive practice mode that allows you to grasp Street Fighter 6’s unique mechanics and practice the combo moves of your favorite character at your own pace.

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