How to use the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground to get better at the game

Fighting Ground consists of several modes that can help you get better at Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Fighting Ground consists of several modes that can help you get better at Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 is a top-tier fighting game enjoyable for newcomers and series veterans. It comprises many game modes that you can try out regardless of your skill level and still learn new moves and attack patterns. If Street Fighter 6 is your first game in the series, you can resort to the comprehensive Fighting Ground mode to start learning.

Fighting Ground consists of many modes, which are instrumental in getting you accustomed to the gameplay mechanics. While it may be overwhelming to get acquainted with all the nitty-gritty of the game at first glance, you can spend your time in modes like Training, Combo Trials, Character Guides, and more within Fighting Ground to learn the basics.

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Leveraging the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground mode to hone your skills


Street Fighter 6 can have a steep learning curve. If you are new to fighting games, review the fundamental aspects before delving into competitive matches. This game’s Fighting Ground mode can be an excellent foundation for improvement.

Fighting Ground’s Practice mode comprises the following sections :

  • Character Guides
  • Combo Trials
  • Tutorials
  • Training

Character Guides are a perfect way to know each character’s special attacks and unique moves. This mode informs you about the character’s tactics and ways to leverage their attacks in a fight. You will be given detailed text information regarding every move of the character, including the best instances or opportunities to use them.


Once you try out a handful of characters and find the one that jives well with your playstyle, you can proceed to the Combo Trials. You must be aware that executing combos is one of the best tactics to overwhelm your opponents, and hence, it is ideal for learning your character’s combo moves.

You will be given ample opportunities to practice them in Combo Trials, from beginner-level moves to more advanced ones. After grasping a character’s combos and special attacks, you can spend some time in the Tutorials mode. You will learn everything about Street Fighter 6’s unique fight mechanics, like executing Drive Rush, Drive Parry, and more.

You can train at your own pace and tweak various parameters (Image via Street Fighter 6)
You can train at your own pace and tweak various parameters (Image via Street Fighter 6)

You can sink as many hours as you want in the extensive Training mode. It comprises numerous options/settings to tweak and create a conducive testing ground for your skills and knowledge about your favorite characters and their combo moves. You can alter how your opponent or dummy behaves and counters your attacks here.

Delving into other game modes within Fighting Ground to polish your skills


After thoroughly playing through the Practice mode within Fighting Ground, you can shift your focus to the Arcade mode, comprising all the character backstories and enabling you to partake in several stages within each.

By this time, you would have a fair idea of which character you like playing with the most in Street Fighter 6. You can then opt for the Versus mode and play against a friend with an equal or higher skill level than you.

Once you acquire enough confidence, feel free to try out the Online Battle’s Casual mode, wherein you can fight against other avid fighting game fans around the globe. If you think your skill is still not up to the mark, you can return to the Practice modes discussed in the earlier section of this article to hone your skills further.

Eventually, you must test your mettle against the best players in Online Battle’s Ranked mode. You will earn League Points upon winning fights and lose them upon being defeated. You can peruse this guide on how the ranked systems work in this game.

Street Fighter 6 consists of another substantial mode called World Tour which allows you to create your character and explore an open world. This guide covers what you should do early in the World Tour and should give you an ideal head start.

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