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Dhalsim returns in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

How to unlock Dhalsim's alternate costume in Street Fighter 6

With the return of Capcom's Street Fighter series through Street Fighter 6, fans of this franchise can once again play as some of their favorite characters. Among the entities making a comeback from previous installments is the stretchy, fire-breathing Dhalsim. Similar to all the other fighters, he has two outfits available in the game. One is available from the get-go, while the other needs to be unlocked before it can be used.

There are two ways to unlock Dhalsim's alternate costume in Street Fighter 6. The first way involves using Fighter Coins to purchase it. This currency can be obtained by spending real money. The other way to get the costume involves playing through World Tour mode.


Complete side quest for Dhalsim in World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6


The first step to unlocking Dhalsim's alternate outfit is to find his location in Street Fighter 6's World Tour. He will become available for you to encounter in the latter chapters of this game. However, he'll require you to complete a side quest called The Yoga Statue before you can actually find him.

This mission is available in Chapter 11, but some players have reported coming across it as early as Chapter 9. If you are unable to see this quest in the initial chapters, don't worry. Simply keep progressing through the story and eventually, this mission will become available to you.


To start this side quest, head to the southern part of Metro City and look for the NPC named Anik. This individual will sell you a small statue for 7,000 Zennym which you will need to buy to progress in this mission. So, make sure that you have enough funds to spare.

Dhalsim, the Yoga Master.

🧘🏽‍♂️ Likes: Meditating
Hates: Distractions, Harming Others


Subsequently, travel to your nearest hangout and wait until nighttime. Afterward, head back to where you first met Anik and talk to him again. This will trigger a fight between you and the NPC. You will notice that he is using the same fighting style as Dhalsim.

Once you've defeated Anik, you'll unlock the Dhalsimer Temple location. Go there, and you'll be able to speak with Dhalsim, which will trigger a cutscene. After that, he will take you as a pupil and become available as a master. This will complete the sidequest.


Now, you can begin the next step of unlocking his alternate outfit for use in Street Fighter 6's other game modes.

Raising your bond with Dhalsim


There are a few things you can do to raise your bond with Dhalsim. The most effortless way is by giving him gifts. Each master in Street Fighter 6 has their own favorite present and Dhalsim's is the Instant Curry Ultra Mild that you can purchase in Old Nayshall. You can give him gifts over and over, but it will cost you Zenny every time you buy one.

Another way of raising your bond with this flexible yoga master is to raise his fighting style's level. This can be done by using moves you've learned from him in combat against other NPCs.

As his fighting style's level progresses, different interactions involving Dhalsim will be unlocked, including sparring sessions with him. Simply take part in them, and your bond level with him will be at its maximum in no time.

Once your bond with Dhalsim has reached the maximum level, his alternate outfit will be unlocked automatically. This will allow you will be able to change the way he looks in other Street Fighter 6 game modes.


You can also play as Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6, which is now available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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