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"Can't stream on his main": Fans worried BruceDropEmOff can't stream after alternate channel gets banned for alleged racism

BruceDropEmOff seems to have been banned on his alternate Twitch channel (offmepordecurb) for allegedly using racial slurs. Fans are worried that he won't be able to stream on his main till the ban is lifted, lest he gets suspended for ban evasion. One Redditor on his subreddit wrote:

"He can't even stream on his main rn"

The streamer's drama with Mizkif and exit from OTK has gotten many speculating about the real reason for his resignation, and his recent statements about the incident have not helped. The ban, however, has largely slipped under the radar, with a deleted r/LivestreamFail post noting it first.

A screenshot of a comment from the post was shared on BruceDropEmOff's subreddit. Here is the comment being highlighted by the community:


"F*ck em (All)": BruceDropEmOff's recent tweet after news of alternate Twitch channel being banned spread among fans

With his recent OTK drama and resignation, there has been a lot of speculation about a possible Twitch ban. While there are no clips to prove the allegations that Bruce used racial slurs, attempts to visit his alternate Twitch channel pop up the standard prompt for TOS violation:

"This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service."

That said, the Reddit user whose post on r/LivestreamFail was deleted did share an image file of a comment which claims that the streamer used the c-word. The usage of this slur had gotten BruceDropEmOff banned before, back in 2021. The comment in question reads:

"He said, 'f*ck them c*acker a*s ni**a" a few times. Then he said he doesn't care if he gets banned for saying it, 'cuz he said it before."
Deleted comment claiming BruceDropEmOff said racial slurs on stream (Image via Imgur)

The alleged use of the "c-word," one of the many racial slurs banned by Twitch, appears to be the reason behind the ban. However, considering that the streamer has not addressed anything, most of this is mere conjecture. In fact, the only detail BruceDropEmOff has announced on his social media is this tweet which reads:

"F*ck em (All)"
The streamer's tweet after the alleged ban (Image via Twitter)


Here are some of the social media reactions to the ban

The majority of r/LivestreamFail was not happy with the alleged racism and expressed their disappointment:


His own subreddit had a couple of people denying the veracity of the claims. There was also some debate about the use of the c-word and whether or not it qualifies as a slur:


The OTK group has been at the center of multiple controversies over the last few months, and their public perception has certainly taken a hit. Notably, three members have left within the last two months, including a co-founder. Here's a recap of One True King's 2022 for those out of the loop.

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