5 streamers who made racist remarks on livestream

Streamers who have said racist things on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Streamers who have said racist things on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Like most things in life, content creation and those who create it are not perfect, and streamers often do end up using racial slurs while streaming to their audience.

Popular streamers such as PewDiePie, Tfue, and Pokimane have a massive fan following with thousands of people watching their streams at any given time. It is therefore quite disheartening to see some of these beloved creators make racist remarks on stream in front of their live audiences.

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Streamers who infamously used racial slurs or racially charged statements on stream

5) GtxPreet's anti-Chinese comments

Back when BGMI was about to launch after PUBG Mobile got banned by the Indian government, many were eagerly waiting to play the highly anticipated Battle Royale game.

At the time, an MLA from Arunachal Pradesh had tweeted about the prospect of banning the game before its release, labeling it a PUBG clone and therefore a "threat to the security of India."

Most gamers were not amused by the demand and lashed out at him, with some employing racist tactics such as calling the North Eastern politician "Chinese." Even streamers began using bigoted arguments against him, with the most prominent being GtxPreet.

The streamer had almost two million subscribers on YouTube at the time. Many Twitteratis and streamers expressed their outrage at such blatant display of bigotry and called upon the authorities to take action.

4) HasanAbi's C-word controversy

Leftist political commentator Hasan Piker is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. As someone who gives his opinion on socio-political issues and is known for being outspoken, Hasan frequently courts controversy. Back in December of 2021, he was banned on Twitch for using the racist term "crac*r." The term is widely considered to express anti-white sentiments.

yes. it is for exactly what you think it is. anti white racism for using the term “cracker.”…

The C-word, as it has been dubbed by many, is considered an anti-white slur believed to be derived from the term "whip-cracker." It has been in use as slang since the Shakespeare era, according to NPR. The Washington Post quotes Hasan justifying his use of the word to Pokimane on stream:

"The etymology of the word is different. … It comes from "whip cracker." So the power is still in the hands of the White person in that situation, whereas the n-word is dehumanizing.”

Twitch's anti-hate speech policy kicked the streamer out for a whole week as it is widely believed that the C-word is commonly used to denigrate lower-class white people and generally has criminal connotations.

3) Pokimane's old clip triggered an outrage

This time Pokimane definitely dropped the N word right? (i know the clip is old)

Pokimane might have been a spectator in Hasan's stream, but after an old clip of her saying the N-word resurfaced, the Twitch powerhouse had to issue an apology. The Canadian-Moroccan streamer can be heard spouting the racist slur in a short Twitter clip posted by YouTuber KavosYT:

"Ni**a you ain't funny. That's not true, maybe you're just boring as f**k and lame as hell, because only lame ni**a's say that shit."

The OfflineTV founding member replied with a relatively dubious excuse and claimed not to have offended anyone:

It was definitely not said in a racist or derogatory manner. it was a time period/environment where saying it was more common and used as a replacement for "dude"

The streamer has since apologized for her mistake and published a video on YouTube for the same, titled "My Overdue Apology." In it, Pokimane also made sure to let everyone know that she doesn't condone racism of any kind.

2) Tfue says the N-word while playing Minecraft

In September 2019, popular Twitch streamer Turner "Tfue" used the racist slur while streaming Minecraft. He used the N-word while insulting a raider in the game. The clear use of bigoted terminology to describe a villainous NPC caused some backlash:

"You guys fucking killed all the villagers, man. Y’all motherfuckers killed them ni**as. You can suck my pee pee, man.”

The fact that he did not get any suspensions or bans raised a lot of questions against Twitch's anti-racism policies, with many accusing them of playing favorites.

1) PewDiePie slips up, says the N-word on stream

YouTube megastar Felix "PewDiePie" is by far the most famous creator on the platform. With over 111 million subscribers, the gamer pulls in a huge audience for his vlogs and reaction videos, not to mention his game-streams. Back in 2017, Pewds drew a lot of ire for saying the N-word while playing PUBG on a livestream.


The Swedish YouTuber was having some difficulty hitting a person from a distance and cursed at the opposing player, letting the highly racist word slip into the insult. He promptly released an apology video, expressing regret over disappointing his fans and the gaming community.

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