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  • HasanAbi calls out xQc's YouTube editor after latter says the streamer was "arguing in bad faith" during s*xual assault controversy
HasanAbi reacts to a six-month-old YouTube video on xQc's official YouTube channel (Image via Sportskeeda)

HasanAbi calls out xQc's YouTube editor after latter says the streamer was "arguing in bad faith" during s*xual assault controversy

After having a heated debate with Tyler "Trainwreckstv," Twitch star Hasan "HasanAbi" returned to his channel on March 22, 2023 to host a Just Chatting broadcast. While reviewing clips from the previous day's livestream, his attention turned to a viewer comment. It pointed out that French-Canadian content creator Felix "xQc's" YouTube editor had titled a video stating HasanAbi was "arguing in bad faith" amidst the AdrianahLee-CrazySlick s*xual assault controversy.

After cross-checking and verifying the claim, the Turkish-American personality was taken aback and called out xQc and his YouTube editor. He stated:

"I think, that's like, f**ked up for xQc to, you know, put out there. Because I think it's just false! You know what I mean? 'xQc is right. Hasan is a snake. Discussion.' I mean, come on!"

"Where was this last night?" - HasanAbi reacts to xQc YouTube editor's "bad faith" video title

At the 50-minute mark of his livestream earlier today, HasanAbi's attention was drawn to a viewer named "mightyjaime," who commented:

"His (xQc) editor titled the original SA (s*xual assault) debate you had with xQc and Train(wreckstv) and named it, 'Hasan argues in bad faith.' Haha, it's so ironic xQc s**ts on Ostonox."

After reading the claims, the political commentator began searching on YouTube and discovered that the Twitch chatter was correct. His initial reaction was:

"Yeah, dude, I mean, oh, that's an even better one actually. God d*amn! Where was this last night, when I needed you? Okay? Yeah, dude, you are right! Did he change that? Yeah! Look, look, look! Look at this!"

Timestamp: 00:50:55


The Twitch streamer read out loud the title of a six-month-old YouTube video, in which xQc, Hasan, and Trainwreckstv were debating the AdrianahLee-CrazySlick s*xual assault controversy:

"xQc's own editor literally posted this saying, 'Hasan argues in bad faith. Backfires when Adrianah and Train show up.' 300,000 people almost watched that s**t! Come on, dog!"

According to HasanAbi, it was not appropriate for xQc to release the video with the aforementioned title, which he claimed was false. He went on to say that the editors of the former Overwatch pro were "unhinged":

"'He doesn't ever look at his YouTube.' Well, I literally control what Ostonox says on his own f**king free time. Significantly less than xQc does with his editor, so. But they also s**t on X, too. Yes, they are unhinged. Yes. Anyway. So, that's a brief aside. None of this matters, ultimately, okay? The 'Hissan' s**t is whatever."


Fans react to HasanAbi's clip

HasanAbi calling out xQc's YouTube editor was the top post on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit for a while. Here's a snapshot of some of the most pertinent comments:

Fans on Reddit discussing the Twitch clip (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

While one Redditor expressed surprise that xQc's YouTube editor was "still employed," another community member claimed that Felix and his community were "insanely malicious" during the s*xual assault controversy.

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