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"People fund all sorts of evil daily": xQc scoffs at people protesting Hogwarts Legacy, gives his take on drama

Twitch powerhouse Felix "xQc" did not mince words while opining on the drama surrounding Hogwarts Legacy while playing the game on his recent stream. The Canadian streamer didn't agree with people protesting the controversial game, as it's about to release on February 10.

The trans rights debate surrounding Hogwarts Legacy has become a primary talking point in all conversations about the game. Many streamers, Felix included, have been given early copies to start playing it for their audiences.

With so many contentious opinions going around online, xQc had quite a serious take on the controversy surrounding the game. He argued that most people regularly subscribe to products that have some evil associated with them and that boycotting the game makes no sense. The streamer quipped:

"People fund all sorts and types of evil with their daily purchases across the board. in way worse ways than you can ever imagine, okay? And then they're trying to make everyone feel bad for f*cking purchasing a video game!?!"

"What the f*ck is this?": xQc speaks his mind about the drama surrounding Hogwarts Legacy


To play or not to play Hogwarts Legacy is a question that has dominated numerous conversations online after many progressive voices called on people to boycott it due to its ties with JK Rowling. The famous creator of Harry Potter has faced a lot of criticism in recent years due to her attitude towards trans issues, with many calling her a TERF or trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

While Rowling's involvement with the project has been a hot topic online, the controversy has only fuelled interest in the game, with it breaking all sorts of viewership records. With big streamers like xQc and Kai Cenat playing the game, it recently crossed the million concurrent viewership mark, making it quite a success even before its official release.

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The controversy has also turned quite ugly at times, with popular YouTuber GirlfriendReviews falling victim to internet trolls whose constant bickering brought one of them to tears as they tried to play the game to review it. As such, xQc was quite aware of the drama and prefaced his take by saying:

"People are gonna hate me for saying this, okay?"

The former Overwatch professional had quite a nuanced take as he put things into perspective by drawing attention to the many day-to-day products produced by exploiting someone halfway across the world. For him, buying Hogwarts Legacy is clearly not a big deal as he rebuked those who were protesting the game citing trans rights, saying:

"Bro, you need to f*cking suck my b*lls b*tch. F*cking libtard andys, what the f*ck is this sh*t."

Reddit reacts to xQc's take on Hogwarts Legacy


The streamer-related subreddit r/LivestreamFail had quite a field day with the clip, which has since gone viral, being viewed over 100K times within hours of it being shared over social media. One Redditor illustrated his point quite well by listing things that may qualify as products of "evil":

Here are some more reactions:


On a similar note, here's a rundown of how HasanAbi's idea of doing a fundraiser while playing Hogwarts Legacy on stream to raise money for trans charities went down with fans.

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