Dead Space has a lot of returning easter eggs, including the Peng Treasure (Image via YouTube/HarryNinetyFour)

Where to find the Peng Treasure in Dead Space remake

The Dead Space remake was released on January 27, 2023, to very positive reviews worldwide for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The remake features a nearly identical original recreation, with updated visuals and minor gameplay enhancements.

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The title again puts players back into the shoes of space engineer Issac Clarke as he and his crew aboard the USG Ishimura in response to a distress call from the ship. Unfortunately for Issac, the ship is overrun with mutated abominations, and he must escape it while trying to find answers and his girlfriend, Nicole.

As was with the original, the Dead Space remake also features several easter eggs and collectibles for players to find during their otherwise chaotic journey in the Ishimura. This guide will focus on the Peng Treasure collectible, detailing how to obtain it.

Note: Minor spoilers for Dead Space will follow. Viewer discretion is advised.

Finding the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space remake


The Peng Treasure is located in a different spot from the original game, and players can follow these steps to find it in the remake:

  • The treasure is not found until Chapter 11 of the game.
  • Enter the Cargo Bay and head down using the lift during the objective, “Engage the Cargo Crane.”
  • Issac will now enter the room containing the Marker. Do not enter the room just yet.
  • Exit the lift to find a stack of crates behind you and a Peng poster on the wall.
  • Use Kinesis to move the crates out of the way and unblock the path to some lockers.
  • Players can find the unique Peng Treasure inside one of these lockers.

Obtaining this treasure will automatically unlock the in-game achievement, “There’s Always Peng!”. Additionally, the treasure can be sold for 30,000 Credits at the store.

The in-game location of the Peng Treasure via the map (Image via YouTube/TrophyGamers)

Players can find the treasure’s location using the following screenshot of the map above.

Who is Peng in Dead Space?

While the true nature of Peng has always remained a mystery in the franchise, it has always been speculated that “Peng” refers to an attractive woman of sorts. Other theories point out that the term may instead refer to a recreational drug. Either way, this “Peng” easter egg has been present in all series entries, accompanied by the relevant achievement or trophy for the same.

The original Dead Space (2008) had the Peng Treasure accessible only during the events of Chapter 11, albeit in a different location. The treasure was located on the first level and could be obtained via the Kinesis module.


What else has been changed in the remake?

While the Dead Space remake aims to be as faithful to the original as possible, many minor changes were made to the game. The entire game was rebuilt in the Frostbite engine to give it a more realistic, gritty look bringing it in line with modern AAA releases in terms of visual fidelity. In addition, there were several minor gameplay tweaks, such as an overhaul of the zero gravity sections, circuit breakers, and plot additions that aimed to make it the definitive Dead Space experience for newcomers and veterans alike to this classic horror series.

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