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8 unsaid rules in a game of Fortnite every player must follow

Fortnite is a battle royale game where the end goal is to kill everyone else and win the match. Such being the case, all is fair in war, and the "everything goes" policy comes into effect. Every trick a player can use to gain the upper hand is their benefit. Camping, ambushing, and even third-partying are all legal combat tactics.

Be that as it may, there are a few rules that players should live by. These aren't the ones enforced by Epic Games but rather a set of unspoken rules and community guidelines. They are put in place to ensure players have a good time without "griefing" others or giving them a hard time in-game. While they cannot be legally enforced, adhering to them will make things better for everyone.


Following these unspoken rules will make Fortnite more enjoyable for everyone

8) Always share loot with squadmates


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While playing with another Looper, hoarding loot is not something nice to do. It's a display of megalomania and only hampers the chemistry between the players. This will also lead to poor combat effectiveness.


For instance, if one player has all the ammo and healing items, the other player will be left with nothing. This will make it harder for them to survive in combat. Thus, the proverb "sharing is caring" should be taken very seriously in this battle royale game.

7) Don't betray a teamed-up player after killing an enemy


Teaming in Fortnite is something that is frowned upon by the community and Epic Games as well. Those found teaming in-game are likely to be booted from the match and given a warning. However, there's something worse than teaming as well, which is betraying the teamed-up player.

In many instances, after two players have teamed up and killed another opponent, one of them shoots the other when their back is turned. Although this is how a battle royale ought to be played, the person who's attacked most of the time has no chance to fight back. This is the closest thing to an anime-level betrayal in-game.

6) Try not to damage the vehicle the squad is using


With the introduction of Titan Tanks, Armored Battle Buses, and Choppas in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, many squads have begun to rely on them for rotation and use in battle. When used correctly, they become formidable assets in battle.

Unfortunately, some teammates don't see things this way. They would much rather destroy the vehicle than use it to gain any advantage. Without asking the team or taking things into consideration, these individuals often destroy the vehicle completely or damage it beyond repair.

5) Don't get squadmates killed on purpose


In the heat of battle, mistakes can be made. A grenade is sometimes thrown in the wrong direction, or a firefly jar lands too close for comfort. If a player is caught in the AOE, they are bound to sustain damage. These occurrences are common, but thankfully healing items can be used to recover HP.

However, at times, certain individuals in Fortnite do this on purpose. They sabotage their fellow teammates and drain their HP to kill them in-game. While this mostly happens with random players, there have been instances where known teammates have done the same as well.

4) Always build to save a fellow teammate if they lack material


In the normal Build-Mode in Fortnite, running out of materials towards the end of the game is a common affair. This leaves the player defensive and unable to stop an incoming enemy attack. The only decent thing for a teammate to do in this situation is to build some defenses for them. This will allow them to gain some basic cover.

Sadly, not all teammates are team players. Rather than helping defend their teammates, they build themselves a little box and take shelter within. Their goal is to survive until the endzone by themselves. Even if they can't win on their own, they'd rather prefer to do things alone than help the squad.

3) Don't hoard five of the same legendary weapons, leave some for the others


Legendary weapons in Fortnite are game-changers. They have improved stats and allow users to outperform their combat opponents. Getting hold of weapons in their tier-class is truly a boon.

Some players take this a bit too far by farming a full inventory of legendary weapons of the same class. Even though a single player can't use them all, they still decide to hoard them. This is not only unhealthy but limits them from carrying utility items that they'll need for survival.

2) Don't ignore a teammate's Reboot Card

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Dying in combat is part and parcel of Fortnite's battle royale experience. Death can come at any time, anywhere, and for any reason. While in solo mode, death means getting tossed back into the lobby. However, in any of the team modes, there's always a second chance to fight again.

Simply by collecting the Reboot Card and getting to the Reboot Van, a teammate may be able to reboot their fellow compadre. Sadly, a lot of players don't seem to care enough to do this. Even when the coast is clear and no enemies are in sight, they ignore the Reboot Card and continue with the match.

1) There's no need to kill an unarmed player


The ultimate goal in Fortnite is to level up and earn the rewards on the Battle Pass. However, for professional players, establishing a good K/D ratio takes priority. This means killing anyone they come across in the match. But is it really necessary to kill an unarmed player?

While the pros of killing them definitely outweigh the cons, shooting someone who doesn't have the means to fight back doesn't seem fair. Does the kill even feel satisfying given the fact that there was zero amount of work put into it?

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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