Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney finally reveals his inspiration for developing Fortnite

Tim Sweeney reveals his real inspiration behind Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tim Sweeney reveals his real inspiration behind Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is one of the world's biggest Battle Royales, with over 400 million players. The game has set the bar for the first game that is slowly building its metaverse, integrating entities and characters from different universes.

Epic Games has created a healthy relationship with its player base, constantly receiving feedback from them and making huge changes to Fortnite.

After they recently introduced a Zero Build mode for players to enjoy everything the island offers, more and more players have joined the game and are enjoying it to the fullest.

However, the community continues to ponder Tim Sweeney's genius and how he got the idea of creating a worldwide phenomenon from a game. Epic Games CEO recently broke his silence in a tweet and shocked the player base with a revelation.

Tim Sweeney reveals his inspiration behind Fortnite

I think it’s awesome that Twitter is going to support free speech so now we can all say what we think without any repercussions! So here goes…

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney recently went on a Twitter rant with his posts after announcing that Elon Musk had bought the social media platform. He further went on to tweet unsatisfying facts, joking about the free speech that Twitter will support henceforth without any repercussions.

The first battle royale game with building was…

Tim stated several other facts ranging from Tabs and Diet Coke. One fact that he tweeted to his followers was revealing the first-ever Battle Royale game called Warlords.


Warlords is a 1980 video game developed by Atari for Arcade gaming systems. It allows four players to play against one another and break their opponents' bases using a constantly moving flame ball. Players shift an arrow to deflect the ball in a direction that destroys the structures of their opponents' bases.

@TimSweeneyEpic Now you’re just stating facts, Tim

The community was quick to notice the resemblance to Fortnite as in the looped Battle Royale as well. Players aim to destroy each other's structures and eliminate one another to stand tall and get the Victory Royale.

Hence, the community wasn't surprised that a 1980 classic game would, later on, inspire Sweeney to build his own expanded version of the Battle Royale experience 30 years later.

@TimSweeneyEpic the making of "Battle Royale" itself was a bookYear 1999Without this book and film adaptation, "Battle Royale" would not exist today

However, the other side of the community tweeted other references that also set the bar and concept for future Battle Royale games.

A certain book by Koushun Takami called Battle Royale was published in 1999, which was later developed into a movie that introduced Millennials to the idea of Battle Royale. It hence laid the foundation for games that almost everyone in the community enjoys today.

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