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GTA San Andreas have some of the best villains (Images via Sportskeeda)

5 main antagonists in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is full of antagonists who influence the gameplay in their own unique ways. This not only provides a variety of missions and objectives for players to complete, but also makes GTA San Andreas' story more dynamic, with CJ taking down multiple villains who have their own specific goals and ideas.

It is safe to say that GTA San Andreas has some of the best villains of the franchise. But again, even though the majority of the antagonists in this game are good, it is still hard to accept that all of them are compelling.


This article will provide players with five of the best GTA San Andreas villains they should look out for.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinion.


Five of the best villians in GTA San Andreas

5) T-Bone Mendez


T-Bone Mendez is the main enforcer of the Loco Syndicate in GTA San Andreas, and is also the leader of the San Fierro Rifa, a gang prevalent in the southern portion of San Fierro. As Mike Toreno's right-hand man, he assists in handling any threats to their firm. He is brutal and untrustworthy, and he is made to work with CJ once he has gained access to the Syndicate, presenting a significant obstacle to Carl's plans.

He is irrationally impulsive, viciously cruel, and quickly enraged. He delivers a savage beating to another gang member in the "The Introduction" video, perhaps to the point of murdering him, and at one point, he also jokingly threatens to kill CJ's family.


4) Ryder

In GTA San Andreas, Ryder is portrayed as boisterous, erratic, and unpredictable. He is renowned for going on rampages and always attempting the unthinkable. Ryder is the loose cannon of the Grove Street Families because of his unmatched nasty streak and short fuse. He also considers himself to be a "genius" and feels too smart for school.


Ryder is also quite unpleasant, as he has a tendency to belittle CJ and has been vocal about his dislike for the latter ever since he returned to Los Santos. Even though Ryder is deeply committed to the Grove Street Families, Big Smoke can persuade him to turn against his own gang to make just a little cash.

It should be noted that despite him turning against his own gang and CJ, Ryder never makes an effort to hurt or kill him during the course of events, even when CJ ultimately kills him in the mission Pier 69.

3) Officer Pulaski


Pulaski is a corrupt officer who is haughty, ruthless, nasty, and sadistic, in contrast to Tenpenny, who is portrayed as a megalomaniac without a conscience. There is little evidence of Pulaski ever thinking for himself or understanding what was going on around him.

Pulaski is also stupid, obedient, and arrogant. He also takes care of everything that Tenpenny thinks is too crucial to leave to Hernandez or Carl, but not crucial enough for him to worry about.

Additionally, Pulaski agrees with Tenpenny that CJ and those like him are, at best, useful fools and, at worst, subhuman. Moreover, his sadistic nature does not change even when he is confronted with his own death, making him even more terrifying.

2) Big Smoke


Big Smoke at first appeared to be a trustworthy and devoted buddy of CJ, unlike Ryder and Sweet, who are always criticizing Carl for his wrongdoings.

He develops a drug distribution operation with the Loco Syndicate in San Fierro with the assistance of the Ballas and Vagos and in partnership with San Fierro Rifas because of the opportunity for power, wealth, and renown in the drug trade was too great for him to pass up.

Big Smoke grew into a deceitful, conceited, ambitious, self-centered, violent, and greedy man who felt Los Santos was his city and that, after his death, everyone would remember his name. In reality, though, Big Smoke was merely a pawn used by Tenpenny to defeat gangs in Los Santos.

1) Frank Tenpenny


Frank Tenpenny is arguably the best GTA San Andreas villain and the most important antagonist in the game. Frank is seen as a violent, vicious, insensitive, and aggressive police officer who frequently refers to Carl as his "dog."

Tenpenny gets quickly upset if things do not go according to his plans and uses every means possible to keep his corruption a secret throughout the game, wanting to kill anyone who knows about his misdeeds.

Rather than stopping them from committing more crimes, he assisted Ballas and Vagos in weakening the GSF and the Aztecas in order to win their respect and greater authority.

Tenpenny himself is a corrupting force, persuading honorable officers to compromise their principles and support his dishonest and self-serving goals. He exhibits a callous disrespect for those close to him, especially those like Carl over whom he has control.

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