Top 5 side characters and villains from GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas had quite the collection of characters (Image via Uroš Begović)
GTA San Andreas had quite the collection of characters (Image via Uroš Begović)

GTA San Andreas is home to some of the best side characters in villains in the series.

Unsurprisingly, this will not include CJ, the protagonist. All other characters are available to choose from. GTA San Andreas is a beloved game full of entertaining characters, so some are bound to be memorable to players worldwide. As per usual, this list is subjective as "best" is used in a non-objective manner.

Whether or not villains will rank higher than non-villains depends on how interesting the characters are. If a side character is more interesting than a villain, then they will rank higher. These characters should be memorable enough for most players to understand why they would be ranked this high.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the article's writer.

Five most memorable side characters and villains from GTA San Andreas

#5 - Cesar Vialpando

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
"Look, holmes, I love your sister. I honor her, and she's my girl for life. This is why I stopped you from being skinned just then."

People usually love having a loyal friend that sticks up for them. On a similar note, Cesar Vialpando is a loyal friend of CJ, which makes him endearing to players in GTA San Andreas (especially after Ryder and Big Smoke betray CJ).

He might not be the most entertaining, but his reliability in helping CJ time and time again throughout GTA San Andreas cannot be ignored.

#4 - The Truth

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
"I took some fellow travelers deep into the desert on a peyote safari a few nights back. We faced the Inner Light and communed with the Lizard King."

The Truth is a bizarre yet fascinating character in GTA San Andreas. What is the Green Goo? Well, the player might never find out, yet The Truth seems adamant about its usefulness.

He's a conspiracy theorist, but he's on the more entertaining side as opposed to annoying.

#3 - Mike Toreno

Image via FNaF Amino [Español]
Image via FNaF Amino [Español]
"Don't worry about it! The Russians got bigger things to worry about than your genitals, believe me."

Mike Toreno is no saint, but he's honorable enough to fulfill his end of the deal to CJ. He's initially seen as a side antagonist but eventually reveals to CJ that he is an undercover government agent.

Eventually, Mike Toreno helps release Sweet from prison early due to CJ helping him out. Even outside of his memorable plot, Mike Toreno is an interesting character shrouded in mystery.

#2 - Frank Tenpenny

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
"We can shit on you from such a height. You'll think God himself has crapped on you. You understand?"

A villain that makes a player despise him is one thing, but it's another when the player finally gets to kill him to a great degree of satisfaction. Officer Frank Tenpenny is a vile, corrupt cop that uses CJ as a puppet to do his dastardly deeds in GTA San Andreas.

It's hard not to hate the man when he does so much to ruin the protagonist's life (among many others). Plus, his role in inspiring the Los Santos Riots in GTA San Andreas is fascinating.

#1 - Big Smoke

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
"I made it, CJ! I'm a success. I can't be touched! I don't give a fuck, fuck the whole world."

Anybody who has played GTA San Andreas remembers Big Smoke. Between his memorable quotes and his dastardly deeds lies a villain that players will remember long after completing GTA San Andreas.

He's funny, charming, and full of ruthless cunning. Some players would even argue that he's the greatest antagonist in GTA history (as far as character goes, not necessarily his villainy).

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