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New GTA 6 cop AI revealed in a leaked video (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 6 leaked footage shows improved cop AI in Rockstar's next big title

While the notorious GTA 6 leak videos of September 18, 2022, gave players a brief glimpse of the upcoming title by Rockstar Games, new leaked footage has surfaced on the internet demonstrating police AI and its behavior. GTA 6 SPAM (Twitter/@Goldenaltzay) shared the video on their Twitter account, which quickly went viral, garnering over 23,000 views. The video showed a police officer firing a gun at Lucia, demonstrating their combat skills.

While the gaming studio has yet to confirm or deny the claim officially, community members are convinced that it is an actual leaked clip due to its similarities with previous leaked videos.


GTA 6 leaked video shows revolutionary police AI from upcoming game

Footage of GTA 6 showcasing how police will work when in action using weapons to fight someone.

The Twitter user posted the alleged GTA 6 video on May 8, 2023, where they claimed to demonstrate how cops will react when using weapons to fight enemies. The 51-second-long video shows a cop wearing a Vice City-themed uniform shooting a Service Carbine at Lucia from different angles.

While attempting to attack the female protagonist, the police officer takes a horizontal path back and forth. Although they begin in a standing position, the cop gradually crouches, kneels, and crouches before standing again. It should be noted that the cops’ AI changed position based on their distance from the enemy.


As seen in the leaked GTA 6 footage, the cop attempts to hide as they approach Lucia and then returns to a normal position once they are safe from her. Many claim it is a new mechanism, as cops in Grand Theft Auto 5 generally try to flee from the scene whether or not you attack them.

On the other hand, cops in the next untitled Grand Theft Auto game may be more hostile and attack players until they die or are apprehended. The previously leaked videos also showed an improved wanted level mechanism in the next game that uses a countdown timer for cops' arrival rather than spawning them randomly at any location.

Some players also pointed out that the new cop AI is similar to that of Grand Theft Auto 4 and that Rockstar Games may implement a more advanced and refined version in Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay.

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