Leaked GTA 6 footage allegedly confirmed real-life Miami buildings in the game

Fans are eagerly waiting to explore the new map in GTA 6 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans are eagerly waiting to explore the new map in GTA 6 (Image via Sportskeeda)

While Rockstar Games has yet to confirm whether or not GTA 6 will take place in Vice City, which is based on real-life Miami, fans have discovered more evidence from the September 2022 leaks that confirms the speculations about the location.

A Twitter user named GTA6Videos (a fan account) shared some comparisons between real-life buildings in Miami and those from the leaked videos, claiming that they are identical in every way.

Note: The leaked data cannot be shown here due to legal restrictions.

GTA fans discover real-life Miami buildings in leaked footage of Grand Theft Auto 6

On April 16, 2023, the Twitter user shared a comparison, claiming that the in-game buildings are nearly identical to their real-life counterparts, as well as their positions. According to the user, they used Google Earth to locate the buildings and discovered that the leaked GTA 6 gameplay depicted the same chronological order.

One of the shared images listed the following buildings from Miami, Florida that can be seen in the leaked videos:

  • Quantum on the Bay Condominium
  • 1800 Club
  • New Arena Apartments
  • Marina Blue Condo
  • Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay
  • Bay Parc Apartments
  • Opera Tower

Another image depicted 112 North Krome Avenue in Homestead, Miami, and various buildings in the surrounding area. According to the Twitter profile, a police chase can be seen in one of the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked videos, which takes place in the in-game equivalent of North Krome Avenue, with all of the shops and buildings resembling real-life locations.

The real-world area is home to several landmarks, including the Paramount Dance Studios, Losner Park, the Historic Town Hall of Homestead, Reconcile Church Miami, and others. Although the in-game names of these buildings are still unknown, the police chase scene allegedly confirmed their inclusion in the next game.


While fans wait for an official Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal from Rockstar Games, a Redditor named tusstaster (Reddit: u/tusstaster) on March 16, 2023, shared a Vice City map that is much larger than the current GTA 5 map.

Although the post has since been removed, it depicted a number of towns and cities, including York Town, Red Hill, Port Gelhorn, and many others. Although the gaming studio has yet to confirm any of the leaked locations, fans have high hopes for the game.

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