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This gun isn't something a player should prioritize getting (Image via Rockstar Games)

Why GTA Online players must avoid buying Precision Rifle at all costs

Spending $450,000 on the Precision Rifle in GTA Online is equivalent to willingly throwing away your money. This gun's value is exceedingly low in the current metagame. Even generous 30% discounts don't warrant a reason to purchase this weapon. The only reason to get it is if a player wants to collect every gun in the game or plans to complete Career Progress's Tier 4 challenge in Weapons Expert.

Either way, casual players are better off avoiding the Precision Rifle at all costs. It's too outclassed in its current niche, and the lack of useful customization features ensures that players will seldom ever use this gun after they purchase it.


Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Why the Precision Rifle is a bad gun in GTA Online

People were initially hyped for this gun when it first came out, only to be disappointed upon its release (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Precision Rifle is in the Sniper Rifle class, yet it lacks scope. All a player has is an Iron Sight, which isn't particularly useful when this weapon class aims to hit enemies from afar. At that point, anything else from the Heavy Sniper Mk II to the Marksman Rifle is more valuable.


That means the most effective use of the Precision Rifle is at mid-range. Unfortunately, several other guns would be better in those scenarios. Practically anything in the Assault Rifle category would be superior due to their higher fire rate, especially when the player is fighting against multiple enemies.

Overpriced for its niche


The Precision Rifle usually costs $450,000. Even with a 30% discount available in some GTA Online weekly updates, this gun's cost would be $315,000. That's still more expensive than most weapons in this game. That kind of money isn't something a casual player would like to throw away.

Rockstar Games isn't known for buffing weapons. It's unlikely that the Precision Rifle would get a buff even if a GTA 6 announcement happened and GTA Online closed soon. That said, it isn't impossible, but there isn't any precedence regarding guns.

Until then, gamers are stuck with a gun outclassed by all other Sniper Rifles for its intended use.

No useful customizable options

This is all its customization options (Image via Rockstar Games)

The only thing a GTA Online player can change about the Precision Rifle is the color of its tint. That type of modification is useless regarding a weapon's viability in the current meta. Several other Sniper Rifles, like the Heavy Sniper Mk II, have excellent customizable options, which only further overshadow what's shown in the above screenshot.


The verdict should be evident by this point (Image via Rockstar Games)

Unless a player has everything they want in GTA Online, there's no reason to get this gun. It can hit hard, but so can many other weapons with far better ranges or fire rates. The lack of customization only adds to the shortcomings.

Hopefully, this article helps some new players who got GTA 5 on Game Pass or purchased the game otherwise. It's best to avoid spending money on this weapon until a player wishes to have every weapon in their arsenal.

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