5 of the worst weapons in GTA Online that players should avoid at all costs

The Precision Rifle is infamously terrible
The Precision Rifle is infamously terrible (Image via Rockstar Games)

The worst weapons in GTA Online are often those that are overpriced compared to other alternatives. A high cost and a terrible performance usually mean the following guns are recommended to avoid for new players. While melee weapons and many other firearms are outclassed, their cheap value makes them easy to overlook for an article like this one.

By comparison, the following entries are more important to avoid since players cannot get refunds on their purchased guns. GTA Online doesn't directly buff weapons, either. Ergo, everything shown below will likely remain outclassed for many years to come.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Five terrible weapons every GTA Online player should avoid buying

1) Precision Rifle

A Precision Rifle (Image via Rockstar Games)
A Precision Rifle (Image via Rockstar Games)

This gun was introduced in 2022, yet it's really bad even when compared to most weapons introduced before it. Here is a quick list of reasons why it's bad:

  • High price: Costing $450,000 is a lot for a weapon in GTA Online, especially for something with the following flaws.
  • No scope: It lacks a scope, making it much harder to use than other sniper rifles.
  • Barely any customization: You only get the option to change the gun's color.
  • Disappointing performance: The Precision Rifle is worse than other options, including the Musket of all things, in terms of DPS.

There's genuinely no reason to get the Precision Rifle in GTA Online if a player cares about efficiency.

2) Compact EMP Launcher

A Compact EMP Launcher (Image via Rockstar Games)
A Compact EMP Launcher (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Company EMP Launcher does have a niche in disabling vehicles for a short while, but that role isn't nearly as useful as it sounds. For starters, this weapon costs $525,000, which is even more than the terrible Precision Rifle. In most situations, using an explosive to blow up another vehicle is far more valuable than disabling it in GTA Online.

Shooting this gun is also a bit clunky since it behaves like a Compact Grenade Launcher. Hence, trying to hit a moving high-speed vehicle is much easier said than done. At the very least, the Compact EMP Launcher isn't 100% outclassed like the Precision Rifle, although the former is still way too niche as it is.

3) Widowmaker

A Widowmaker (Image via Rockstar Games)
A Widowmaker (Image via Rockstar Games)

Although the Widowmaker is identical to the Minigun in terms of functionality, the former weapon is significantly more expensive. The main advantage of using the Widowmaker in GTA Online is that it's available at Rank 1. However, the Minigun is already mediocre as it is.

Having a clone of that gun which costs way more while much better alternatives exist is rather pointless. The Widowmaker can be deadly, yet it still has the flaws that the awkward Minigun has like it not working well with the game's cover system.

4) Unholy Hellbringer

An Unholy Hellbringer (Image via Rockstar Games)
An Unholy Hellbringer (Image via Rockstar Games)

An assault rifle with an ammo capacity of 9,999 sounds nice, yet the Unholy Hellbringer isn't as good as its high price might imply. It's basically a Combat MG that doesn't have any meaningful customization features. This gun isn't bad per se, but it's similar to the Widowmaker in that there are much better options available to the player.

Assault Rifles are arguably the best weapon class in the game full of many useful options. There won't be many situations where the Unholy Hellbringer's high ammo capacity makes up for its lack of useful Mk II upgrades and high cost to purchase.

5) Pistol Mk II

A Pistol Mk II (Image via GTA Wiki)
A Pistol Mk II (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Pistol Mk II is much better than the regular Pistol. However, spending $73,750 on something outclassed by other handguns like the AP Pistol is unwise. If somebody has the ability to get Mk II weapons, they should instead get one of the great Assault Rifles.

After all, there isn't a situation where the Pistol Mk II is more valuable than a Special Carbine Mk II, Bullpup Rifle Mk II, etc.

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