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  • CJ Stroud's pro day: NFL Draft analyst says ‘relationship is building’ as buzz grows around Ohio State QB
CJ Stroud takes questions at NFL Combine

CJ Stroud's pro day: NFL Draft analyst says ‘relationship is building’ as buzz grows around Ohio State QB

CJ Stroud is getting a lot of interest this week as the prospect is coming off his pro day. It is no surprise that the quarterback is still seen by many to be an early first-round pick. However, fans were given a hint as to one team's particular interest in him as David Tepper and Frank Reich were tipped to be potentially developing a relationship with him.

Speaking on Get Up, analyst Todd McShay explained what he knew and what he saw take place. Here's how he put it:


Which team will draft CJ Stroud?

"The other thing is David Tepper, the owner of the Panthers, was there... So he's very much involved in this process. It sounds like they are going to try to have a dinner each night before..."
For CJ Stroud, Bryce Young or any top QB in the Draft, the Panthers are a dream destination with 65 years of NFL experience waiting to develop them.

He continued, explaining an exchange he saw between the head coach and the quarterback:

"I even saw Frank Reich walking off the field who said, 'I just met your mom. I love her.' It seems like a relationship is developing there."
Did #Panthers coach Josh McCown tell CJ Stroud: “Maybe when you live in Charlotte we’ll find a court.” ?

CJ Stroud leaves teams salivating after explosive college career

Ohio State QB throws at NFL Combine

It only took two years of starting, but Ohio State's CJ Stroud did more than enough to give himself an NFL resume. After essentially redshirting in his freshman year, the quarterback hit the ground running as a sophomore in 2021, when he threw for 44 touchdowns and six interceptions. Had he stopped there, many would have called the performance a fluke.


However, in 2022, he proved the opposite to be true, throwing for 41 touchdowns and six interceptions as a junior. The young prospect is seen as a savior for one lucky team that will get to pull the trigger in late April. Fans of the Panthers, Texans, Colts, and Seahawks will be looking on with bated breath in the opening minutes of the draft. They will all be asking, Who will land the quarterback?

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