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"Genuinely concerned for Joe Burrow’s life" - NFL fans fear the worst for Bengals QB against Rams pass rush in Super Bowl 2022

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is going to be facing a fierce L.A. Rams front 7 lead by All-Pro Aaron Donald and Von Miller.

While Joe Burrow has all the confidence in the world, some fans seem to think he should be worried about the Rams' pass rush. Fans like Grob seem really concerned about how Joe Burrow will handle the Rams.

@JoeyB You're good Joey, but I am so nervous, the Rams defense is so good and their pass rush is scary-- man don't know how you can do it, because if that was me my legs would feel so heavy and that ball so slippery. Oh well
3:12 AM · Feb 13, 2022

Why should Joe Burrow be concerned? while for starters, Donald alone had 77 tackles, 12. 5 sacks and 84 rushes to the quarterback. Joe Burrow would be a fool not to be concerned about Donald and the Rams pass rush, as they are going to be on him all day.

Fans around the league have taken to social media to have a little fun at Burrow's expense, while others explain why the young signal caller should be worried when it comes to what he may be facing Sunday.

Fans on social media are poking fun at Joe Burrow and how he will do against the Rams pass rush

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One fan, Daniel Harris, seems to be making fun of Burrow's chances against the Rams pass rush Sunday night and thinks he won't have much of a chance.

Scientists believe Zebra stripes keep flys off zebras as well as act as a sort of camouflage. Flys are annoying much like the Rams pass rush will be against the Bengals OL

Joe Burrow:
2:38 AM · Feb 13, 2022

Fans such as Daniel Rotman are taking a much more logical and analytical approach to why the Bengals offensive line will struggle Sunday against the Rams.

Joe Burrow is a bonafide superstar and will deliver great success to the Bengals for years to come

BUT - we’ve seen this story before

Bad O-line against a dominant pass rush is hard to overcome in the Super Bowl.

Rams ML
Mixon U 60.5 rushing yards
Odell O 65.5 receiving yards
11:42 AM · Feb 13, 2022

The IB network basically agrees with what others say about Burrow's chances. They took to referring back to when the Bengals faced the Tennessee Titans in the second round of the AFC playoffs. Burrow was sacked nine times in that game, and yet the Bengals would still go on to win that encounter.

For the Super Bowl I think the biggest question is how are the Bengals going to protect Joe Burrow v Aaron Donald and this Rams pass rush

Burrow has already been sacked 12 times this post season …9 v the Titans which I think is a good barometer for next week
11:31 AM · Feb 6, 2022

Matt Bowen, who works as an NFL analyst for ESPN, said the Bengals will have to find a solution to stop Aaron Donald and the Rams' pass rush.

#Bengals will need answers for the #Rams pass rush…

First down play-action. Rhythm throws for QB Joe Burrow — with 7-man protection (inside doubles vs. Aaron Donald).

We’ll break this down on our Super Bowl show.

Sunday — 8:30 AM (ET), ESPN2

@gregcosell @NFLMatchup
3:10 AM · Feb 8, 2022

While some fans and media members aren't giving Burrow and the Bengals much of a chance against the Rams pass rush. While there are others who feel he will do just fine.

Around the NFL tweeted that the quarterback is confident that when it comes down to it, his offensive line will rise to the occasion against the Rams.

Joe Burrow confident Bengals will rise to challenge against ferocious Rams pass rush: "I have the utmost confidence in our offensive line to make it happen"…
2:35 AM · Feb 7, 2022

But some fans believe Burrow and the Bengals will be ready for whatever the Rams pass rush throws at them. Like Matthew Sean, who says he trusts Burrow over Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The key to the Super Bowl will be the Rams pass rush against Joe Burrow, if Aaron Donald can get in the face of Burrow, that'll go a long way for LA. But I trust Burrow over Matthew Stafford, and I think Stafford could make a late mistake that could cost them.
2:21 AM · Feb 11, 2022

Sir Baudelaire says although they are confident in that Rams pass rush, the Rams could still lose the game just like the Titans did even if they do get to Burrow a lot.

Joe Burrow got sacked 9 times against the Titans and still won the game, I’m just afraid that the scary pass rush of the rams ( Donald & Miller ) do the same or even better and still lose the #SBLVI , it’s going to be inconceivable !
9:54 AM · Feb 7, 2022

Offthebooks.crypto reposted an article on Burrow's LSU coach Ed Oregeron stating how worried he is about his former quarterback going up against the Rams pass rush.

Ed Orgeron worried about how Joe Burrow will fare against Rams pass rush #Yardbarker #NFL…
5:24 AM · Feb 12, 2022

One thing all Bengals fans seem to agree on is that the key to victory will be how well the team can protect their young quarterback.

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