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Dominique Foxworth (L) and Skip Bayless (R) on the same page about the Cowboys pursuing DeAndre Hopkins (C)

NFL Rumors: Analyst joins Skip Bayless in urging Cowboys to pursue DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins is the easily top available wide receiver following his release from the Cardinals. A number of teams could use a player of his caliber as one NFL analyst has him going to a top NFC East team.

On ESPN's First Take, Dominique Foxworth commented that the Cowboys should pursue Hopkins. Foxworth noted how the three-time All-Pro could be a major benefit for Dallas in their offense:

"I like Hopkins as a fit for the Cowboys because I think Cooke is a guy that's supposed to stretch the defense. He's going to take the roof off the defense and run deep roots and scare them.
"I think that you've got Ceedee Lamb is kind of a big play receiver game, short passes or gadget plays that he can turn into bigger plays and then you need a reliable third down guy, a guy that, you know, even when he's covered, he's short-handed. You can put it up in his direction, he can make plays."

Foxworth concluded:

"So I think you look at this entire roster, he does fit. I think Hopkins does fit with the Cowboys right now. I could see this being a match made in heaven for them."

Another analyst agreed with Foxworth in DeAndre Hopkins joining the Dallas Cowboys. That analyst is Cowboys superfan Skip Bayless. He told Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to make the move to sign the receiver:

"If you want to max your chances, with not a great quarterback, [but] a pretty good quarterback, if you want to make him the very best he can be, you swallow your pride."
"It just makes too much sense."

@RealSkipBayless wants DeAndre Hopkins to the Dallas Cowboys

Jones and the Cowboys have close to $24 million in cap space but it might not be enough to snag him. Per Spotrac, Hopkins has a market value of a three-year, $69.6 million deal, or $23.2 million per year.


How DeAndre Hopkins would fit into Cowboys offense?

This offseason saw Dallas trade for a receiver in Brandin Cooks, who will likely be the team's second wideout to CeeDee Lamb. DeAndre Hopkins might himself hovering in-between a second or even third receiver in the Cowboys' offense.

He had 64 receptions for 717 yards and three touchdowns last season with the Arizona Cardinals. The 30-year-old has six 1,000-yard seasons in his career and could be a viable weapon for the Cowboys.

We'll see if Jones will heed the advice of Foxworth and Bayless and sign DeAndre Hopkins this offseason.

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