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5 best BTS dance breaks: Mic Drop, Dynamite, and more

BTS is known for their charismatic, synchronized, and powerful dance performances that leave the audience captivated and wanting for more. Their choreography has consistently been innovative, versatile, and fresh, showcasing their incredible group dynamics.

Dance breaks have become increasingly popular in K-pop, wherein specific portions of songs are now dedicated to showing off a group's dancing prowess. It is one of the most entertaining parts of a performance that the audience eagerly looks forward to.


BTS have repeatedly raised the bar for performances by including increasingly complex and fun dance moves as part of their dance breaks. Their dance practice videos show us exactly how detailed and intricate their choreographies are.

BTS definitely do not need any permission to dance


Always showing exciting new formations in their choreography, one is spoilt for choice. The following are five of their best dance breaks, in no particular order.

1) MIC Drop MAMA dance break version


MIC Drop was released at a point when BTS saw a rapid increase in not only their fans but also haters. The song was a testament to their rising success and star power with lyrics like "there are no empty seats at our concerts."

This hip hop track originally did not have a dance break in it, but a remix version performed at the 2017 MNET Asian Music Awards included not one, not two, but three dance breaks.


Only a choreography as powerful and dynamic as the song would do it justice, and the septet delivered yet again. The dance moves were captivating, incorporating multiple complex formations, body rolls, and movements full of swagger.

Unveiling this performance at an award show surrounded by their peers was the ultimate power move. They also went on to win the Grand Prize for Artist of the Year for the second year in a row at MAMA.

2) Dynamite dance break MMA version


Honoring its name, Dynamite blew up all over the world, receiving accolades and praise from the masses and critics alike. It had the music industry in a chokehold, topping charts in Korea, the U.S.A., Japan, and more.

The Grammy-nominated disco-pop song is BTS' first english single. During the 2020 Melon Music Awards, the group unveiled a special dance break-inclusive performance of Dynamite.


Unfortunately, due to his shoulder surgery, SUGA did not attend the 2020 MMA and hence was not part of the performance.

3) We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2


Released in 2013, We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 was part of BTS' debut album and their second promoted song after their debut single No More Dream. Since their debut, the group has cemented their position as flamboyant dancers showcasing acrobatic movements in their performances.

The dance break is especially praised as it has a neat hat-trick that many have tried to emulate in their covers of the song. The J-Hope-Jimin-Jungkook trio, also known as 3J, were the main attraction of the dance break.

4) No More Dream Japan edition


Their debut single No More Dream originally did not have a dance break, but for their 2016 HYYH On Stage - Epilogue Japan concert, BTS incorporated a remix dance break version of the song in their setlist, leaving ARMYs in the audience awestruck.

Fancy shoulder movements and body rolls, accompanied by piercing expressions, truly elevated the performance to newer heights.

5) ON


ON is a high energy song made to be performed for an audience. It's the kind of song that gets people pumped up and out of their seats. Only an equally powerful choreography would suit such a song, and Sienna Lalau did exactly that.

Sharp and hard-hitting dance moves were the feature of the dance break, and BTS executed it to perfection. ON remains one of the hardest choreographies the group has ever attempted.

BTS clearly love their dance breaks as they incorporate it in almost all their performances, especially for award shows and concerts. Their much awaited upcoming comeback might bring us more stellar choreography from the septet.


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