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Friends: 5 top-rated episodes

Fans are always debating whether to stream Friends season-by-season run-throughs or rewatch behind-the-scenes moments doubtlessly.

While some resort to scrolling through countless posts and clips on Instagram, others thoughtlessly hit play on the left-off episode to garner memories of the timeless series.


Sorting through IMDb viewership is a simple solution to the problem. Here are, in order, the most popular Friends episodes on the internet, according to IMDb.

Disclaimer: Significant spoilers ahead!


Superior Friends episodes that deserve a re-watch

5) The One with the Rumor

Will (Brad Pitt): We started a rumour
Rach: What rumour
Phoebe: Oh come on will! Just take off your shirt and tell us!
03:46 AM · Aug 26, 2012

The episode is remembered slightly for being another one of Chandler and Monica's chaotic Thanksgiving dinners and partly for a superstar guest appearance. Brad Pitt's surprise guest appearance got fans all giddy with excitement.

He plays the role of Will, Ross and Monica's high-school acquaintance, and joins them to celebrate Thanksgiving.

From the "I Hate Rachel Green Club" to Joey's charming attempts to swallow a whole turkey, the episode is an absolute fan favorite. Undoubtedly, Brad Pitt's charming appearance added to its appeal, and it ultimately ended with a 9.3 rating on IMDb.


4) The One with the Prom Video


The episode marks the beginning of Ross and Rachel's on-off relationship, making it the fourth most-loved episode with a 9.3 IMDb rating. The gang meets to watch an old high school videotape of Rachel and Monica. In the video recording, Ross tries to seize the opportunity to take Rachel to her prom as a date.

With her date behind schedule for the prom night, Ross finds Rachel upset and ultimately builds up the courage to ask her. However, at the end of the video, he is left out as Rachel's date arrives before he can make an appearance.

Regardless, on the positive side of the scene, Rachel kisses Ross for the first time in all those years upon the revelation. Aside from their romantic encounter, Rachel's original pre-surgery nose is also shown in the video, something that Joey finds utterly hilarious.

3) The One with the Embryos


While Monica and Rachel compete with Joey and Chandler to see who understands each other better, Ross plays the role of a commentator amidst the chaos.

If that isn't sufficient, the episode also displays a moment in which Phoebe agrees to be her brother's surrogate and, as a result, writes a characteristic Phoebe Buffay song for the unborn baby. The episode has a 9.4 rating on IMDb.

2) The Last one: Part 2

Friends finale episode titled The Last One: Part 2 (Image via @friends/Instagram)

Between Ross and Rachel's passionate airport rendezvous and the gang of six enjoying their farewell embrace in Monica's flat, the show's final episode struck spectators with numerous overemotional scenes.


The final episode aired almost 17 years ago, and it left viewers with a tremendous ache in their hearts as the cast bid their final goodbyes to their insanely pricey and excessively large New York City apartments.

This is the series' most sentimental episode, so enjoy it because of its sentimental worth with an IMDb rating of 9.7 out of 10.

1) The One Where Everybody Finds Out


Monica and Chandler are caught hooking up in an apartment across the street, and Phoebe has no intentions of settling the matter. She joins Rachel to persuade them into disclosing their secret relationship.

The episode is among the funniest ones, with a 9.7/10 IMDb rating. Besides involving Phoebe's attempt to seduce Chandler (and miserably failing at it), it portrays Monica attempting to double-cross Rachel and Phoebe's plot.

It's fascinating how admirers become emotionally attached to each character on Friends. Despite the fact that they are all flawed in different ways, they always stand up for one another, making it one of the most iconic shows of all time. Undoubtedly, these episodes are worth a rewatch.

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