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Maya Jama is the host of Love Island season 10 (Image via ITV)

Love Island season 10 premiere: Why do fans think "British public does not like race mixing”?

ITV premiered the first episode of Love Island season 10 (summer edition) on Monday, featuring 10 new islanders in the villa. Host Maya Jama announced the first five couples of this season, as per the audience’s votes. While many praised the coupling, a lot of fans called out the “British public” for bringing together two individuals of the same race.

Fans claimed that the voters didn’t prefer “race mixing.”

Lol the British public does not like race mixing they colour matched the couples #LoveIsland

Love Island UK Season 10 welcomed the OG islanders in a beautiful villa on Mallorca Islands in Spain. Every week, one or two new contestants will join the cast and one or two islanders will be eliminated as well.


Fans called the “British public” racist after the first five couple announcement


In Love Island UK season 10 premiere, host Maya Jama announced the first five couples, as per people’s votes.

  • The pairs include:
  • Catherine and André
  • Ella and Tyrique
  • Jess and George
  • Molly and Mitchel
  • Ruchee and Mehdi

Many fans claimed that the 10 islanders were coupled up as per their race. Take a look at fans’ reactions:

Damn is this #LoveIsland : date within your race? Lol public matched everyone up according to colour
The bri ish public really said each race shall stick to its own. #loveisland
The way this was my guess before the show tonight and I wasn't too far off. The public are so predictable, they'll always couple people based on race #LoveIsland
The public said NO RACE MIXING #LoveIsland
You can’t convince me this isn’t one of those white passing mixed race people #LoveIsland
Why’s love island matched the couples by race then 🥴
Loooool this mixed race donnn is tryna step on toes already !! Yhhhhh this season will be interesting #LoveIsland
does the uk not like mixing race or something?? #LoveIsland

Although the UK viewers have picked the first five couples, it doesn’t mean that they will end up finding strong connections with each other. Every week, one or two bombshells will enter the villa and one of the OG islanders might connect to the newcomer.

Only time will tell whether any one of the OG couples will reach the finale.

Maya Jama drops the public vote bomb in Love Island season 10 premiere


Love Island season 10 episode 1 started off with Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding being the first ones to enter the villa. The third entry was made by Mitchel Taylor, followed by André Furtado and Ella Thomas.

Once the five contestants entered the villa, host Maya Jama arrived and met the islanders. She told them that this time they didn’t have the opportunity to pick their first partners.

Maya said:

“I have got some news. None of you guys will be coupling up with each other as that decision has already been made by the public.”

She then introduced the remaining five islanders — George Fensom, Molly Marsh, Catherine Agbaje, Mehdi Edno, and Tyrique Hyde.

As per the public vote, five strangers have become couples for now. Only time will tell whether the pairs will grow apart and seek love elsewhere. The official synopsis of the dating series reads:

“A group of men and women participate in a series of tasks with a partner that they keep swapping until they meet the love of their life.”

In the latest season, the show will give the opportunity to vote for their favorite couples. Viewers can vote for free through the Love Island app.

Meanwhile, the premiere episode also witnessed some tension between Ella and Tyrique on day 1 as the latter couldn’t figure out if they met earlier. Ella was pretty sure about their meeting in London, but Tyrique couldn’t remember. When she confronted him, things were sorted and he recalled their meeting.

Generally, Love Island producers give a day to the first five couples to get to know each other before welcoming a bombshell. But this time, the episode ended with the arrival of season 10’s first bombshell, Zachariah Noble.


Love Island season 10 will air new episodes from Sunday through Friday on ITV2 and ITVX at 9.00 pm BST and 4.00 pm ET.


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