How old is Mehdi Edno? Meet the Love Island contestant who dislikes girls using baby voices

Meet Mehdi Edno from Love Island
Meet Mehdi Edno from Love Island (Image via ITV)

Love Island season 10 (summer edition) will premiere on Monday, featuring 10 new islanders, among which one of them will be Mehdi Edno. He is a 26-year-old communications manager from Bordeaux/London. In his ITV interviews, the contestant sounds confident while talking about wooing girls in the villa on Mallorca Islands in Spain.

Mehdi, however, has one ick that he doesn’t like in girls, which is them talking in baby voices. He said:

“A huge turn-off for me is when a girl uses a baby voice or someone who acts dumb. I like having serious conversations with the person I'm with and having debates at times, so my partner needs to be able to engage.”

Going by the list of female islanders, the girls seemed strong, wise, and independent. Only time will tell whether Mehdi will be successful in connecting with them in the villa.

What is Mehdi Edno’s ethnicity?

Love Island star Mehdi Edno juggles between France and the UK as he was born and raised in Bordeaux while living in London. Speaking about his ethnicity, Mehdi said:

“I am mixed race. My dad is Moroccan and my mom is French.”

He claims that when he meets girls, he starts speaking in French, which impresses them. For over two years, he has been single but now is all set to find love in the ITV show.

In his bio, the communications manager mentioned:

“Yes. I’ve been busy for the last few years with work, and doing my Masters degree but now I’m done with the busy schedule, and ready to find love.”

He is in search of a girl who doesn’t act dumb and can have serious conversations with him without using "baby voices." For Mehdi, looks are not that important but he would like a person with a good sense of humor. While he wants someone who is adventurous and outgoing, he is also a bit of an old-school romantic.

He describes his perfect date as:

“For me, a picnic is very romantic. A picnic on a private, secluded beach. My best date was a picnic in a vineyard in France - it was beautiful with the sunset, and it was very romantic. It was something different, because going to restaurants was getting a bit boring.”

Some of his physical traits that he stated in his Love Island video include:

  • His height is six-foot-two.
  • His body type is athletic.
  • He has short dark hair and a trimmed beard.
  • He doesn’t have any piercings or tattoos.
  • Mehdi likes to dress smart and confident.
  • According to him, his best feature is his smile.

Although Mehdi’s Instagram handle didn’t have much information about him, it surely proves that he loves adventure and outdoor activities.

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Hosted by Maya Jama, Love Island season 10 will take place in a beautiful villa on Mallorca Islands in Spain. A total of 10 islanders will appear at first and will pick each other to form five couples. Each week, ITV will send one or two bombshells/newcomers to the villa, which will lead to recoupling, drama, and heartbreaks.

In addition to Mehdi Edno (26), the dating series will also star Molly Marsh (21), André Furtado (21), Tyrique Hyde (24), Ruchee Gurung (24), George Fensom (24), Mitchel Taylor (26), Catherine Agbaje (22), Jess Harding (22), and Ella Thomas (23).

Love Island season 10 will air on Monday, June 5, 2023, at 12.01 am ET on ITV2 and ITVX.

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