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Mockingbird Single Strollers recalled over concerns about a falling hazard (Image via CPSC)

Mockingbird Single Strollers recall: Reason, affected lot numbers, and all you need to know

The popular baby stroller brand, Mockingbird LLC of New York, has issued a nationwide recall for its Single Strollers over concerns about a falling hazard. The recall notice shared on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website mentions that the lower side of the stroller frame runs the risk of cracking and poses a falling risk to children who may have been left unattended.

Announced on March 17, 2023, the recall was initiated following several customer reports suggesting that the frame of the Single Stroller showed signs of cracks and/or came in a cracked condition. Sales of the affected Single Strollers have been halted as of now, and all known stocks are being recalled from stores across the country.

The recalled Mockingbird Single Strollers are feared to show signs of crack and pose a falling risk to children (Image via CPSC)

As of now, the stroller company has received over 13 reports from customers saying that they have noticed cracks in the frames of the recalled Single Strollers.

While the products have been used all across the country for a long time, neither the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) nor the stroller company has received reports of any incidents or fatalities in regards to the affected product.

All you need to know about Mockingbird Single Stroller recall


The voluntary recall affects over 25,390 Single Strollers that were manufactured in China and were imported to the United States by Mockingbird LLC, of New York.

The recalled strollers feature an aluminum frame, but it is feared that the lower side of the frame could crack and pose a falling risk for children. Earlier in November 2022, the company had also issued a recall for over 149,000 single-to-double strollers over a similar reason.

#RECALL ALERT: @mockingbird_us Expands Their Previous Recall to Include Single Strollers Due to Fall Hazard. The lower side of the stroller frame can crack, posing a fall risk to children in the stroller.
More: bit.ly/3lvH6Fa

The recalled Single Strollers are made of aluminum and were sold in black or silver colors. The seats on the strollers are black and the canopies are either black, light blue, dark blue, pink, or light green. The recalled strollers were available through some of the most prominent baby product stores, including hellomockingbird.com, babylist.com, and goodbuygear.com, among others.

It is suspected that customers might have bought the affected products from stores across the country between March 2020 and March 2023, for between $350 and $450.


Customers can recognize the recalled single strollers by looking for the Lot numbers between 18322 and 22278, and lot numbers 23174 and 23175. The five-digit lot number is printed on a white product label that can be found on the inner left side of the stroller frame, near the top of the basket.

Guidance on how to find the Lot Codes and other details on the recalled Single Strollers (Image via CPSC)

Parents who may have bought the recalled Single Strollers are strictly advised not to use them anymore. The recalled strollers must be kept away from children, and consumers are also advised to contact the company to receive a free frame reinforcement kit. The kit comes with two frame clamps that can be attached to the sides of the stroller to reinforce the frame.

While the company will be reaching out to all affected customers and retailers in due time, people can also get in touch with the company on their own. Mockingbird LLC, of New York, can be contacted toll-free at 877-274-3240, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm ET. The stroller company can also be reached via email at recall@hellomockingbird.com or online at www.hellomockingbird.com/recall.


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