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Moonbin and MoonSua (Image via beyourstar2000/Twitter)

"My precious Moon siblings": Billie's Moon Sua pens down emotional letter for the late Moonbin, leaving fans emotional

On May 27, 2023, Moon Sua, a member of Billie, left a note in memory of the late Moonbin at the memorial site located on the rooftop of Fantagio Entertainment, the agency representing the ASTRO members.

The memorial site dedicated to the idol has been adorned with numerous flowers, gifts, and letters as a heartfelt tribute from his fans. Among the letters, one particularly notable message was left by Moonbin's sister.


In response to the idol's unfortunate passing on April 19, 2023, Fantagio, the agency managing ASTRO, released an official statement confirming the news. They also urged fans to refrain from speculating or making baseless assumptions regarding the circumstances surrounding his death.

Upon reading the contents of Moon Sua's letter, fans got emotional.

My precious moon siblings

Fans emotional after reading Moon Sun's letter for late Moonbin


After reading the contents of Moon Sua's letter addressed to the late idol, fans experienced profound sadness. They empathized with the fact that Moonbin's sister still longs for his presence, as they reacted to the viral letter on social media.

sua visited bin's memorial today and left a letter

oppa 🙂 it's me sua
it's raining today!!
i always miss you a lot but i miss you more today
when i meet my oppa, i just want to smile brightly and hug him tightly without saying anything ♡

Moon Sua mentioned in her letter how rainy days make her miss Moonbin more and that she wishes for him to have a healthy and happy life.

Translated by Koreaboo, she wrote:

"Oppa. It’s me, Sua. It’s raining today!! I always miss you a lot, but I especially miss you today. When I meet you, I just want to smile brightly and hug you tight, saying absolutely nothing."

She further mentioned:

"I really really really really love you and care for you, as always. D.S.E.B! (Don’t be sick, Stay healthy, Eat well, Be happy!) From your one and only sister, Sua. 2023.05.27, Saturday."

Several fans took to social media to react to the letter by Moon Sua to the late Moonbin.

the sweetest ☹️🤍 twitter.com/estrella_aroha…
“If I meet you, I just want to smile brightly and hug you without saying a word.” Sua to Moonbin
"when i see you, i just want to hug you while smiling brightly without saying anything." - moonsua to moonbin. 🥺🤍
moonsua's letter to her brother moonbin, kicked me back to the first stage of grief and yes it's denial.
It's really hard not to feel my heart break for you as I read your new letter, and I wish that would exist words that could comfort you or a magic wand that could take away all the pain... all I can hope is that you know you are loved and cared for. 🫶

letters written to Moonbin from Moon Sua, Astro members, sinb, umji, seungkwan, DK, mingyu, wonwoo stuck in the middle of the memorial letter board 🥹
our moonbin, whose wish is for his sister to always be happy.. 🥺 bin-ah please visit sua often in her dreams, hug her tight, and remind her that you're always by her side. and just like you always do, we'll protect and support her too 🤍

Fantagio Entertainment recently announced that they would be providing an opportunity for fans to visit the late star's memorial space, express their condolences, and leave gifts and letters in honor of the late idol. Originally scheduled for a limited time, the agency has now decided to extend the visitation period until June 6, coinciding with the 49th day since the idol's passing.


The memorial space has now been relocated to the sky garden on the rooftop of the Fantagio building. It was earlier situated across various areas such as the front entrance, and parking deck of the building. This adjustment aims to accommodate fans while providing a dedicated and serene setting to remember and commemorate the late star.

This morning, I went to the rooftop memorial site and said my prayers to God for MoonBin. I still don’t understand what I am feeling… why am I grieving for someone who is not related to me? Is it because I felt sorry for Bin and wished that life was kinder to him? I took some… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Fans from all across the globe have set up their own memorial sites in different countries to pay tribute to the ASTRO member.

More about late ASTRO member


The ASTRO member was a talented South Korean singer and actor, and he gained recognition as the vocalist and lead dancer of the boy group ASTRO. The group made its debut on February 23, 2016, under the label Fantagio.

Throughout his career, he has showcased his acting skills in various dramas such as Mermaid Prince, Moment at Eighteen, Soul Plate, and To Be Continued, among others.

On September 14, 2020, the ASTRO member and his bandmate Yoon San Ha formed Astro's first sub-unit called Moonbin & Sanha. They released their debut EP, In-Out, which included the lead single Bad Idea. In 2022, Moonbin & Sanha elated fans with their second mini album titled REFUGE.

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