Clips of Justin Roiland admitting to being attracted to minors resurfaces online (Image via WireImages)

"What a creep": Justin Roiland podcast clip leaves internet baffled amid grooming scandal

As Justin Roiland faces domestic violence and grooming accusations, a clip of the Rick and Morty co-creator admitting to being attracted to minors has now surfaced online, leaving netizens agonized.


In 2011, Justin Roiland appeared on the The Grandma’s Virginity Podcast alongside co-hosts Ryan Ridley and Jackie Buscarino. The 37th episode of the show has now gone viral on social media, owing to the jarring comments made by Roiland. In the podcast, he had to defend himself by saying that he is not a pedophile multiple times. This came after he said on the show:

“Look I’ll say, look a f**king 14 year old that looks like she’s 18 and like big t*tt*es… of course I’m attracted to that! These girls… they’re fully developed and they’re like talking online, “I want you to f**k me.””

He went on to express that it should not come as a surprise that people are attracted to fully developed minors:

“As a race are we that crazy? When we were f**king.. a 100 years ago little 13 year old girls, they were built like a woman they were getting married and having kids… I’m not a p*dophile though.”

In the background, one could hear a woman’s voice blatantly admitting “I’m a p*dophile.”

As the episode progressed, Roiland’s co-host asked him whether he was going to make him cut this section of the episode out. However, the Rick and Morty co-creator said that he was okay with his comments remaining in the episode because he would “never break the law” and as he is a “law-abiding citizen.” He went on to add that “p*dophilia is absolutely revolting.”

Netizens react to Justin Roiland’s comments on the podcast show

Internet users were flabbergasted by Justin Roiland’s comments on the podcast. Many could not believe that he was openly admitting to being attracted to a minor.


As netizens reacted to the same online, many also stated that they were uncomfortable to hear the 42-year-old’s voice, because it sounded exactly like the characters of his famous show, Rick and Morty.

@Timcast @JustinRoiland why do people on the right like pedos and weirdos so much? He didn't get fired for nothing. He's a weirdo dude who's attracted to teenage girls and openly pursued them. Even talked about how 14 yr olds are attractive on his podcast.

Y'all choose the weirdest hills to die on.
As a long-time Rick and Morty despiser, nothing that's being said about Justin Roiland right now is surprising to me. I listened to a podcast with him on it back in like 2016 and he was talking about some super disgusting/messed up stuff. The dude is obviously a sicko.
I'm baffled that someone like Justin Roiland can go on a podcast and just outright admit they're attracted to teenagers. I don't even like telling people I like Asian women out of fear of coming off as a creep.
Justin Roiland went on a podcast pretty much confirming that he was a predator, but viciously defending himself by saying "I'm not a ****phile" over and over again, like he's even trying to convince himself.

Jesus Christ, Roiland.

Justin Roiland accused of grooming minors

As Roiland's domestic violence charges were brought to light, an anonymous woman came forward, alleging that Roiland asked the the woman to get out of school and get into "s*x slavery" when she was just 16 years old. He also reportedly called her "jailbait" and used other terms like "b**ch" and "f*gg*t" against her.

Another victim, Janna Waters, also accused Roiland of calling her "insanely hot" when she was just 16. She also claimed that he had a "predatory scout" named Christy who would find "young girls who looked a certain way" for him.


Along with being the voice actor on the Emmy-winning sitcom, Roiland has worked on Hulu’s animated show Koala Man and Solar Opposites as well. On Wednesday, Hulu and 20th TV Animation released a statement that announced that they had “ended our association with Justin Roiland” and that they plan to go ahead with their shows separately from him.

On Tuesday, Adult Swim, which is part of Cartoon Network, stated that they would be recasting Roiland’s voice in the Rick and Morty show. They said:

“Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland Rick and Morty will continue The talented and dedicated crew are hard at work on Season 7”

Roiland was slammed with two charges of domestic battery in May 2020. In a police complaint, it was revealed that an incident that occurred around January 19 that same year, left an unidentified woman (his then-partner) “in a traumatic condition.”

The voice actor's lawyer has vehemently denied the allegations. Roiland could face up to seven years in prison if he is found guilty.

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