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The best Valorant Agents to duo with Brimstone (Image via Sportskeeda)

5 best Valorant Agents to duo with Brimstone 

Valorant is a tactical FPS (First Person Shooter) game that marries the concepts of high-energy gunplay and strategic thinking. The game provides its players with a vast roster of characters with various abilities, allowing them to experiment and create different team compositions.

Valorant segregates its Agents into four different types. These include Controllers, Duelists, Initiators, and Sentinels. As of now, the game has a total of 21 Agents to choose from.


Brimstone has been in the game ever since the beta phase. He comes under the Controller category. To play with Brimstone effectively, he can be paired with various Agents from Valorant.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Neon and four other Valorant Agents that duo perfectly with Brimstone


1) Neon

Neon is the Agent that hails all the way from the Philippines and comes under the Duelist category of Agents. She is the speedster in Valorant and can quickly enter the site to get kills, leading to a safer passage for her team.

Brimstone Stim Beacon is perfect for Neon mains. At the start of the round, he could just throw it on her, further increasing her super speed. This will lead to enemies being caught off guard as they won't expect anyone to enter the site that quickly.


2) Viper

Viper has existed in the game ever since Beta and comes under the Controller category. She is easily one of the hardest Agents to master as she requires a lot of micromanagement.

Brimstone as a Controller can be very effective. But he lacks one that other Controllers have which is range. This is where Viper can come in for a double Controller setup.

Viper can use her Toxic Screen to cut off half of the site while her can use his Skye Smokes to further block the enemies' vision in that half. These two Agents can also work very well in a two-layered post-plant scenario as Brimstone has his Incendiary combined with his teammate's Snake Bite to stop the defuse.


3) Breach

Breach comes from Sweden and is also amongst the Agents that have existed in Valorant ever since the Beta phase. He falls under the Initiator category. Breach's abilities help with aggressive approaches and quick execution into the site.

The best way to utilize them together is to combo their ultimates. During a round, if Breach hears multiple enemies in one spot, he can use his Rolling Thunder to stun them all in one spot. Brimstone could then use his Orbital Strike, which could lead to some easy multi-kills. The former can also achieve something similar with a perfectly timed Fault Line.

Both of these Agents can also be useful for a post-plant scenario. Breach can use his Aftershock whereas Brimstone can use his Incendiary to stop the defuse.

4) Cypher


Cypher comes from Morocco. He comes under the category of Sentinel amongst Valorant Agents and is one of the trickier ones to play against. Cypher players are known to be able to anchor the site all by themselves.

The way Brimstone and Cypher can work is very simple. The former's Sky Smokes have a limited vision on the inside. So on the defensive side, when enemies show presence outside a site, you can use smoke in a way where they land on Trapwire. This may lead enemies to foolishly enter it and get caught in the wire.

5) Reyna

Reyna was the first Agent to be released with Valorant's launch. She comes under the Duelist category of Valorant's Agents. Reyna is very self-sufficient and her job is to take and win as many duels as possible. Her ability to overheal is perhaps the best in her kit.

Now, Brimstone and Reyna together don't really provide a tactical advantage. But there is something really fun that Brimstone can offer Reyna, which is his Stim Beacon.

Reyna's ultimate ability is Empress, which gives her the ability to fully disappear and heal after the kill but also increases her gun's fire rate. This can be further increased by using the Stim Beacon, making your Vandal feel like an Odin. It's one of those fun things that every player needs to try out for themselves.

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