Best Valorant Controller for each map in Episode 6 Act 1

The best Controller Agents on every Valorant map, including the newest Lotus (Image via Sportskeeda)
The best Controller Agents on every Valorant map, including the newest Lotus (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's Controller meta is a diverse and intricate aspect to deal with, especially in high-elo ranked lobbies. Knowing the best Controller Agent to pick on every map becomes inevitable as you climb up the ladder and the meta becomes more intense.

Valorant presently has seven maps in rotation, and each map nurtures a unique meta that gives rise to well-fitted playstyles. Often, players like adhering to proven tactics that work well in most in-game scenarios, despite the game being majorly unpredictable.

Visual barriers are an important part of popular playstyles in the tactical hero shooter. Players must take control of map space using smokes and related abilities before pushing into a site or retaking a captured site.

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The best Controller Agents on every Valorant map, including Lotus

1) Ascent


Ascent features two plant sites and a distinct mid-section requiring efficient control with visual barriers. Being a defense-centric map, Ascent requires attackers to switch tactics and play unpredictably. As a defender, blocking an attacker's vision and discouraging an aggressive push is inevitable.

Astra is regarded as the best Controller Agent on Valorant's Ascent due to her ability to control a plant site from afar. She can quickly deploy quick smokes at chokepoints and facilitate her team on attack and defense.

In addition, her basic abilities - Nebula Pulse and Gravity Well - help clear critical areas of the site or block a push effectively by slowing or concussing enemies. Astra's Ultimate is a limitless sound and bullet-bending wall, which is massively helpful when pushing Ascent's sites or retaking one.

2) Haven


Omen is the dominating Controller on Valorant's iconic Haven map, which features three sites and a unique midsection. Omen's easily deployable smokes are incredibly useful when your team decides to push the site aggressively. His Dark Cover recharges quickly to cater to quick rotations to a different site.

Besides his Dark Cover, Omen has near-sighting and teleporting abilities that let him support his team effectively, play like a Duelist and outplay enemies. His Ultimate facilitates quick escapes from messy situations, allowing him to rotate to a different corner of the map and unleash unpredictable moves on his enemies.

3) Split


With long-lasting smokes and strong initiating utilities, Astra is an expert on Split. Her post-plant game is strong in this two-site map, which features multiple defender-centric features. Split nurtures unpredictable playstyles on the attack side, but it's easy to predict the spots defenders may be holding.

With her long-lasting smokes and ability to clear critical map spaces, Astra can easily take control of sites, clear behind covers, and discourage a retake move. On defense, Astra can deploy her versatile abilities to block chokepoints and stop aggressive pushes on a site while on a different corner of the map.

Lastly, Astra's Ultimate facilitates a quick offensive push and is even more effective in a site retake scenario.

4) Icebox


Valorant's snowy map with unique ziplines and multiple chokepoints is a playground for Viper, who can cover large sections of a plant site with her unique poison-emitting wall of smoke, Toxin Screen. Icebox also facilitates multiple Snakebite lineups, allowing Viper to play vital off angles and outplay enemies.

Her kit also allows her to lurk through and take control of the mid-section. While doing so, she can deliver critical information on enemy positioning, all while supporting her team with re-deployable fuel-costing cover.

Lastly, her Ultimate, Viper's Pit, is an incredibly strong ability that offers visual cover and decays enemy health.

5) Fracture


With three instant Sky Smokes, Brimstone is the best Controller Agent to play on Valorant's Fracture, one of the game's most difficult-to-control maps. Fracture has no mid-section but features one-way automatic ziplines to facilitate easy rotations or catch enemies off-guard through back-site entrances.

Brimstone's Incendiary, in combination with a Sky Smoke, is pretty effective against enemies; his Incendiary also facilitates post-plant lineups.

Brimstone can also "stim" his teammates with his Stim Beacon, a powerful team support tool in Valorant. His Ultimate, Orbital Strike, is an effective ability to discourage spike planting or defusing, making it a strong control utility on both sides.

6) Pearl


Astra returns as the best Controller Agent on Valorant's Pearl. Being a huge map, Pearl isn't easy to control without Astra's Astral Form, which lets her deploy her abilities to any corner of the map, regardless of her location. Moreover, her ability to recall and deploy "fake smokes" is a great way to counter defensive operators guarding B Ramp.

Pearl also features a huge mid-section where most of the magic happens. Astra's ability to control a section from any corner of the map allows her to support her teammates, who oppose a mid-centric push.

Astra can quickly deploy Nebulas to block chokepoints and use her Nebula Pulse and Gravity Well to concuss and slow enemies who decide to hold critical spaces. Her Ultimate, Cosmic Divide, is a game-changer, allowing her to retake a captured site or push into one without taking bullet damage or giving sound cues.

7) Lotus

Lotus is Valorant's latest three-site map which was added to the game in the ongoing Episode 6 Act 1. Featuring loud rotating doors, breakable stone walls, and a silent drop, Lotus is filled with quirks that need to be tackled with rightful utility usage.

Lotus' unique features don't fit into conventional smoking playstyles. However, Omen has emerged as one of the best Controller Agents for the new Indian map in Valorant. With two available smokes, Omen can seal off important chokepoints while attacking a site or discouraging an offensive strategy.

His Paranoia and Shrouded Step allow him to support his team, gain access to sites, and effectively outplay enemies. His Ultimate, From the Shadows, allows him to weave and unleash unpredictable moves on his enemies or pick up a dropped Spike.

As fans may know, Harbor is a highly neglected Controller Agent in Valorant due to his weak defensive side. If you wish to play him anyway, Harbor could be a good pick on Lotus and Split due to his flexible High Tide smoke wall and strong Ultimate, Reckoning.

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