5 Valorant callouts to know on Ascent

Here are five callouts on Valorant
Here are five callouts on Valorant's Ascent that players must keep in mind (Image via Riot Games)

Communication is one of the biggest yet most overlooked keys to success in Valorant. The competitive shooter game from Riot Games is heavily team-based, and its ranked matches are difficult to tackle without proper callouts.

There are currently eight maps in the game, with seven in rotation. Ascent has been a long-standing part of Valorant's map pool. It features many chokepoints and tight angles that players need to look out for, especially while attacking sites.

Ascent also comes with some exclusive mechanics (closable doors, breakable windows) and many wall-bangable spots. It is definitely a complex map and promotes niche strategies.

Callouts are a must to win rounds on Valorant's Ascent as an attacker. This article lists five callouts every player should know about for the popular map.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

Catwalk (Mid), Pizza (Mid/B), and 3 other callouts on Valorant's Ascent that players must keep in mind


Players can access the official callouts for every location on Valorant's Ascent (and other maps) through the in-game minimap, which serves as a major strategic element.

Veteran FPS gamers have adopted some common easy-to-remember callouts for popular map locations. Listed below are some that you should definitely remember while playing a ranked game on Valorant's Ascent.

1) Heaven/Hell (A-Site)


Derived from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the heaven and hell callouts on Ascent are used to indicate the map's A Rafters and the closed cubby below it. The 'Heaven' spot is a common chokepoint that attackers use to retake the site. The 'Hell' area is useful for both defenders and attackers.

The 'Heaven' callout is used to denote a spot or an area that overlooks a plant site in Valorant. It is a great spot for a defender looking to hold down a site with a sniper rifle. Attackers can also hold heaven spots as off-angles and catch a defender trying to retake a site off-guard.

The 'Hell' automatically becomes the area under 'Heaven' and is a favorable spot for attackers in post-plant situations.

2) Catwalk (Mid)


This is an official map callout that players use to indicate Mid Catwalk on Valorant's Ascent. The short form 'Cat' is also used, making it slightly easier to remember. While on defense, keep an eye on lurking attackers who can walk along the Mid Catwalk and force a sudden push through the Mid Cubby into A Garden or the site.

The Mid Catwalk also promotes intricate strategies for both sides. A defender can smoke the chokepoint to misguide attackers and push through it unexpectedly. Similarly, an attacker can fake a site push, play for picks, or easily rotate through the area. Hence, always remember the 'Cat' or 'Catwalk' callout on Ascent to be prepared.

3) Winery (A Site)


Defenders and attackers often slip into this cozy corner to catch enemies off-guard, play lineups, or save themselves from AOE utilities. While on the attack side, players often miss this spot. Defenders can lurk in Winery by smoking deep into A Main. Attackers should be careful of this spot when they rotate from B-Site to A-Site.

When on defense, check Winery before picking up the orb or pushing into A Lobby. An attacker can easily lurk into Winery and wait for a defender to push into A Main clumsily. Furthermore, it is a basic spot for molly lineups. Make sure to warn your teammates if an enemy is holding Winery.

4) Workshop and Logs (B-Site)


Two of the most common spots for defenders on B-Site (and attackers during post-plant), the Workshop and Logs open up many opportunities for unexpected plays on Valorant's Ascent. In a hurry to enter B-Site, attackers often forget to check the Logs, which is the cubby right below the B Market platform. You must use utilities to clear these angles before running through the entrance.

While pushing through the B-Site entrance, coordinate with teammates and make sure to clear Logs and Workshop. If you are a defender and are rotating from A Site, clear Logs before hopping onto B Lane. Similarly, clear Workshop and Logs if you plan to retake from B Main.

5) Pizza (Mid/B)


Pizza is surprisingly an uncommon callout in low-elo games, and players often suffer casualties due to the same. It is the small cubby right outside of Mid Market's entrance.

Defenders may hold Pizza to catch attackers pushing through Mid Bottom and into the Market. Meanwhile, attackers may lurk through Mid Bottom and hold Pizza to catch rotating defenders off-guard.

When it comes to mid-sections in Valorant maps, it's extremely important to give exact callouts. Knowing exact spots like Pizza can prevent casualties or enable a good trade.

This list contains only five of the most popular and misunderstood callouts for Valorant's Ascent. Other callouts like A-Site's Generator, Green Box, Pillar, and Heaven Box, as well as B-Site's Boathouse, CT-Spawn, and Lane, are also very important to remember.

Players must know every callout for the map to ensure the best results. Take your time to understand every spot and study the minimap as closely as possible.

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