5 best Agents for attacking on Ascent in Valorant (& 5 for defending)

Some Agents perform better on Valorant's Ascent (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some Agents perform better on Valorant's Ascent (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's Ascent has been hand-made by the developers at Riot Games over the past couple of years. It is a pretty huge map with a lot of open areas, long corridors, and well-designed locations to peek from. Ascent is Valorant’s fan-favourite map and it’s not easy to tackle without any prior map knowledge.

Ascent is quite easily the best map available in Valorant right now and is quite balanced with multiple avenues for strategic gameplay. It is visually pleasing as well, but that doesn’t make it any easier on the players. The expansive sites and entry paths allows almost all Agents to shine. A few Agents shine more than others due to the inherent map design comprised of doors and a huge middle section.

Although it does depend on an individual’s playstyle, picking the right composition of Agents contributes massively to any match. Ascent is favourable for defenders, and making a composition consisting of defensive Agents can help rack up the score early on in the game, helping with asserting dominance.

5 great Agents for attacking on Valorant's Ascent

1) Omen


Omen is one of those Agents in Valorant who can be used to play hyper aggressively as well as provide cover for the team using his global smokes. His smokes are especially useful in the huge open space in the middle of Ascent. Mid control is important, especially when attacking as it helps in last minute rotations if needed.

Omen’s abilities are well-suited for this map and his ultimate can be used to switch the spike plant site at the last moment. It can also be used to teleport into spike sites or the opponent’s spawn at the start of a round to gain information or zone the opponents in.

2) Sova


Sova is an amazing initiator for this map in Valorant as the entire map has no roof. This enables Sova to gain information on any location if the proper lineups are known.

In addition, his drone can be used to gain information on enemy locations or it can be used as a plain old distraction. His shock darts can be used in a post-plant scenario which is quite hilarious to watch if pulled off correctly.

3) Killjoy


Killjoy, the German Sentinel in Valorant, is a great choice for the Ascent map. Her kit is well suited to holding down a site after gaining entry into the site. Her sentry bot can inform her of pushes from behind if positioned as a lookout behind the team.

The alarm bot cannot cause damage but like the Sentry, it can inform Killjoy about incoming enemies. The Sentry and the alarm bot can be paired up with her Molly and triggered when unsuspecting enemies step into Killjoy’s trap. Overall she’s one of the best Sentinels on the Ascent map.

4) Raze


Ascent is one of the maps in Valorant where Raze can pull off hyper-aggressive plays with her double satchel jumps. She’s especially effective after her ultimate show stopper gets charged up, enabling her to launch her bot as bait then satchel jumping into a site and then destroy enemies using the ultimate.

This looks amazing when pulled off correctly, a veteran player who’s got the hang of double jumping with Raze can pull this off easily and that means easy kills for her. Her team can easily take care of the rest once Raze gains entry into the site with her fireworks flying all around.

5) Reyna


Reyna is a pretty simple hero right off the bat when compared to other Agents in Valorant. She can create havoc in the hands of a duelist player with amazing aim. Activating her ultimate and getting a kill can make her snowball into a site quite easily.

An amazing hero for clutch situations, and especially useful in Ascent, she can peek around corners and take on a couple of enemies by herself. She’s a powerful Agent in the right hands and a pretty simple one to get the hang of as well. Her Leer ability can be used through walls to help teammates rush into the sites.

5 best heroes for defense on Ascent

1) Viper


Viper is one of the best defensive heroes on Ascent in Valorant, and her smoke can be used to block off entryways into the sites. The poison wall can be used to split the map in half, and manage the enemy lines as well.

The opponents can be zoned-in with this ability and picked off one by one, especially in the middle area of the map. Her ultimate is the most useful out of all her abilities when defending, which should be the case, since she’s a controller Agent in Valorant.

2) Brimstone


Brimstone’s abilities are particularly suited to this map in Valorant, as it is pretty huge and this is where Brimstone’s semi-global smokes comes in handy. The smokes can be used to block off multiple pathways and stall the attackers.

The Incendiary ability can be used to clear out corners. The most useful ability, as it should be, is Brimstone’s ultimate which can bring down an entire site full of enemies to the ground. His ultimate is pretty useful for retaking sites, especially when used alongside his other abilities.

3) Sage


Sage is overall a very good Agent in Valorant for defending on this map as her abilities can be used to stall opponents. Her slow orbs can slow down enemy rushes, getting just enough time for the allies to rotate to the site.

The Wall ability can block off entryways, temporarily slowing down enemies or making them rotate to a different site altogether. Her healing ability is particularly useful for defenders as it can be used to fall back and regain a bit of health in order to re-engage. Her ultimate can revive fallen teammates and is very useful in clutch situations.

4) Breach


Breach is another Agent in Valorant who can stall and wreak havoc among enemy lines. His flashes can go through walls and blind enemies, and this can be used by defending teammates to catch enemies off guard.

All of Breach’s abilities are well-suited to clearing corners and stopping enemies from rushing into a site. His ultimate can daze enemies and is very useful when retaking a site after the spike has been planted. Overall, Breach and his abilities are well-suited for defense on Ascent.

5) Cypher


Cypher is a purebred Sentinel in Valorant and is useful for defending on all maps but shines through on Ascent. His tripwires can be used on multiple pathways to trap unsuspecting enemies who try to rush into a site. As soon as they get snagged by one of tripwires, an ally or Cypher himself can take the said enemy out of play quite easily.

His cages are quite useful when paired up with his tripwire ability. The camera can be used to get information on particular routes for enemy movement. His ultimate is the best tool for getting information on the enemy squad as it reveals their location, but it does need a downed enemy to work on.

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