5 best Agents for attacking on Valorant's Fracture (and 5 for defending)

Fracture is the most uniquely designed map in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fracture is the most uniquely designed map in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games introduced their seventh playable map in Valorant called Fracture with the release of Episode three, Act Two. The map features multiple ways of entering both sites for attackers, making defending a bit more difficult for defenders.

The attackers usually have two entrances to enter each site. For site B, it's either Arcade or B long, and for site A, it's Satellite/Drop or A main.

Riot delivered a unique map design to the players when they gave Fracture a unique H-shaped design that helps attackers pinch the defenders. With 18 Agents to choose from, this article will explore the ideal attacking and defending lineups needed when playing Fracture in Valorant. Five for each side.

Five perfect Agents for attacking Fracture in Valorant

1) Brimstone


Brimstone probably outshines most Agents on Fracture in Valorant. Each site in this map consists of three main lines of sight, and no one does the job better than him when it comes to blocking all of them with his three smokes.

Brimstone is also an excellent Agent for traversing quickly across the map with his Stim Beacon. Overall, his abilities prove to be very useful on Fracture. His Molly can be used well for lineups in post-plant situations, and his Ultimate makes playing within site impossible for opposing players when trying to defuse the spike.

2) Skye


Skye is the perfect Agent to pick when entering sites on Fracture in Valorant. Her ability to recon a close-quarters area with the Tiger even puts Sova aside.

The ability to guide flashes to her will on the site when helping her teammates rush in is just one of the few reasons why players should pick Skye on Fracture.

She also becomes extraordinary at gathering info when enemies flank the team or are hidden in unconventional spots, using her Seekers Ultimate ability.

3) Raze


Raze's utility offers her a plethora of playstyles to improvise on Fracture. In the Valorant Roster, she is one of the Agents who can overwhelm her opponents with numerous utilities in her bag.

Raze's kit serves her best when trying to bombard certain close-quarter areas of the map, which helps her flush enemies out of hidden spots, forcing them into a head-on gunfight. Her satchels help her quickly gain map control, which is best used with her grenades to force the enemy to move out of the location.

4) Jett


Like Haven, Jett also proves to be very valuable on Fracture. Her ability to dash in-site and quickly smoke the lines of sight of enemies gives her the edge users need when entering big sites such as those on Fracture.

It is one of the maps in Valorant, which consists of long-range areas. Compared to other maps like Split and Bind, Fracture consists of much longer angles, making guns like Operator particularly powerful.

This is where Jett thrives as a duelist. Using the longer range to her advantage, she can pick fights and dash out quickly when necessary.

5) Chamber


Like Haven, when attacking Fracture, gamers face flanking for several rounds. Chamber, being the best at picking long-range gunfights and neutralizing the flank, has become a fine addition to the attacking lineup.

Being the only Agent in Valorant who can equip more than two guns, his abilities help him to always engage at a long distance. His Headhunter pistol is equipable with a zoomed-in scope like Guardian, which provides extra magnification.

His Ultimate ability, Tour de Force, is an Operator, but better. His teleporting abilities also give him the edge when needed to get out of fights quickly.

Five ideal Agents for defending Fracture in Valorant

1) Viper


Viper is a particularly better defending Agent compared to other controllers. This is due to her ability to wall both sites' entrances, also used in post-plant situations when blocking the line of sight of attackers.

Viper thrives when it comes to her ultimate ability, which can block out the entire site. This prevents enemies from entering the site as their vision is limited and their health is decaying.

Her Snakebite mollies are also fantastic at denying opponents from getting site control when they are trying to rush.

2) Killjoy


Since Fracture contains multiple entrances, Killjoy players can dominate a single site with her Alarm bot and Turret. She proves to be a worthy sentinel when she brings her two nano-swarm grenades, which excel at plant denial without even needing to pick a gunfight.

Killjoy's Ultimate ability, the Lockdown, can easily close down areas, preventing enemies from entering the site. Her Alarmbot and Turret give users info and enough time to retreat, allowing them to wait for their teammates when retaking.

3) Cypher


The feeling of picking players off-guard based on info is nothing but rewarding in Valorant. In a map like Fracture, information is the key to victory when defenders have to look out for two entrances in the site constantly.

Cypher provides numerous advantages as a Sentinel, starting with his Spycam, the only camera gadget in the game that lasts throughout the round, unless shot.

His Trapwires are nothing but a menace to the attackers, as they catch utilities like Skye's Tiger and Raze's Boombot. This allows Cypher to destroy utility and also capture dashing Jett gamers and put an end to their flight.

4) Omen


Omen's ability to smoke in a recurring manner grants him the reason to be on this list. This Agent proves to be rather valuable when holding site with his Paranoia flash and recurring smoke.

Omen can hold off an entrance with his smoke for an exact 14.25 seconds, and each smoke takes around 35 seconds to replenish. He can hinder the attackers with his teleporting ultimate, From the Shadows, which can catch enemies off-guard on a map like Fracture.

5) Sage


Sage is an Agent who will possibly thrive no matter the map. Fracture contains numerous uneven areas with lots of covers, perfect for her to revive her teammates.

Her wall is often used to make unexpected angles like in attackers spawn, which teams can use to pick players all the way to B long.

Sage's Slow Orb ability is a great utility when planning to slow down aggressive pushes and retreat. Her healing gives her teammates like Jett and Chamber a perfect chance to first peek and come back and gain some health points back.

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