"RIP broken Jett 2020-2022": Valorant pros react to the upcoming nerfs for the duelist in patch 4.08

Jett is going to get a nerf in the next patch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jett is going to get a nerf in the next patch (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is arguably one of the most competitive games in the world. Today, with an active professional scene that brings the strongest flavors. The cornerstone of the game is the different champions, each of whom has their strengths and weaknesses.

To maintain the game's balance, developers Riot Games routinely tweaks champions to keep things balanced. The developers have decided on the next candidate for the nerf, who is none other than Jett.

Earlier on April 20, the official Twitter handle put forward an announcement for the upcoming patch. Once patch 4.08 goes live, there will be a significant change in Jett's tailwind ability.

The new change is a nerf that reduces the champion's potential. Naturally, it's not just casual players but professionals in the game who have taken to social media to react to the news.

Valorant professionals react to news of Jett getting a nerf in the upcoming patch

Ever since the announcement was made, the entire Valorant community has been busy reacting to this piece of news. Given that the game has such a strong pro scene, the upcoming nerf will also impact the plans of those who main Jett.

Ardiis made a hilarious tweet that showed the probable reactions of those who main Jett. The clip shows a man trying to contemplate steps that look like self-harming in nature but in a hilarious sense.

FNATIC's Mistic also shared a hilarious tweet that showed a clip of the movie Ratatouille. The head chef in the clip got angrier as he continued to go through the note in his hands. Mistic believes that the condition of Jett mains will be the same when they go through the patch notes for the upcoming Valorant update.

T1's Steel shared a clip of a retirement home asking which Jett mains are now willing to move in following the proposed nerf.

nAts from Gambit feels that the nerf is quite well deserved.

Witz from Team Secret asked everyone to press 'F', which is used in the social media world as a token of respect.

Not everyone in the pro scene was quite pleased, as pro player Heat gave a couple of crying emojis in response to ScreaM's tweet.

skrossi also pipped in with his opinion on the situation and asked others not to worry about the nerf since there might be something new coming.

Average Jonas had a pretty aggressive take as he said that nobody will now miss Jett.

For many professional players, Riot has taken a bold step by nerfing Jett in Valorant. The impact of the nerf will be more observable shortly once the patch goes live.

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