Art, cuisine, and the void, a look into Valorant Chamber's daily life in latest cinematic

Valorant releases The Art of Living cinematic for Chamber (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant releases The Art of Living cinematic for Chamber (Image via Sportskeeda)

In Valorant's latest cinematic, Riot Games plans to take fans of the tactical shooter through the life of Chamber, the resilient Sentinel Agent from France.

The Riot Games team in France has released a live-action cinematic that shows us a glimpse of Chamber's daily routine. The Frenchman was the 17th Agent to join the Valorant Protocol and entered the Sentinels class alongside Sage, Cypher and Killjoy.


Chamber is equipped with abilities that promote precise gunplay, providing players with enhanced weaponry as utilities. Ever since his arrival, the Frenchman has been a favorite in Valorant's competitive matchmaking and is expected to claim his spot in professional lineups as well.

A look into the life of Chamber with Valorant's "The Art of Living" cinematic

In the newly released "The Art of Living" cinematic, Riot gives us an insight into Chamber, a sauve gentleman who is known for his confident demeanor and sophisticated appearance.

The Art of Living is the first instance of the game releasing a live-action cinematic for an Agent. The video depicts the various facets of life cherished by Chamber, before the gentleman within him turns into a ruthless assassin as he enters the battlefield.

The Art of Living opens with a shot of a French newspaper, which displays a headline which says "Kingdom wants to reassure the population: Radianite has no harmful effect on health." Kingdom is the most powerful organization in the Valorant universe and has a major part to play in the game's lore.

The video shows a glimpse of 2 more headlines, where one reads "the beginnings of nanotechnology in the armament sector" and the other highlights Fashion Week in Paris. While the exact details are unknown, these phrases might be used to depict Chamber's enhanced gunplay and glamorous fashion sense.

In his elegant Parisian apartment, Chamber has the luxury of admiring the Eiffel Tower through his French window. While doing so, the Agent talks about his underlying condition and his invariable winning mentality.

"I've spent a lifetime preparing and analyzing every detail with great care, in order to surpass my condition, to become the best version of myself."

While the exact condition mentioned by Chamber is unknown, it could hint at the effect Radianite had on him, similar to other agents of the Valorant Protocol. Two of Chamber's abilities are capable of summoning weapons directly without the use of a gadget, which can be speculated as the result of a Radianite experiment.

Chamber is shown as someone who loves to indulge in activities that can calm him before the onset of war. In one scene, Chamber is shown playing a game of chess, with a FAMAS rifle showcased in the background.

The FAMAS is a bullpup rifle that has been the weapon of choice for French soldiers since 1978. Although partly discontinued in 2017, the weapon is expected to continue in use until 2028. With Valorant being set in the future, the FAMAS can be tied to Chamber's past experience with the French Army.

Viewers get a good look at Chamber's routine before he engages in his battles. The Frenchman is shown playing the piano, namely Clair de Lune by Debussy, as he states "Art carries me away from the hustle." A blueprint for Chamber's Tour De Force sniper rifle is also shown in the background.

The Art of Living cinematic shows Chamber enjoying a sumptuous meal as his final act of serenity before unleashing the merciless assassin within him. He states "I've learnt to breathe calmly before diving into the abyss," signifying the essence of his routine.

In the final scene of the cinematic, Chamber prepares himself for the action and draws out his Headhunter pistol, signifying the proximity of war. The French Sentinel goes on to say:

"I am ready to seize every opportunity. And once it's time to make an entrance, that's when...I become Chamber!"

Since his release, Chamber has managed to captivate the Valorant community through his decorated gunplay. Through this live-action cinematic, Valorant enthusiasts get one step closer to uncovering the obscure life of Chamber.

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