Valorant guide: How to play Omen on Lotus

Here's how you can play Omen in Valorant's Lotus (Image via Riot Games)

Omen is a powerful Controller Agent in Valorant and is highly preferred for his unique abilities that allow him to deploy smoke and teleport quickly. With Lotus's introduction to the popular tactical, the mysterious Agent has found a new, suitable playground to utilize his flexible abilities.

Omen is a solid character to pick on Valorant's ninth map. His utility kit is not only perfect for discouraging attackers while on defense, but also adequate to block chokepoints and initiate a spike plant safely in the offense.

Omen can also deploy one-way smokes, which deters enemies from pushing through chokepoints. When used together in a timely manner, his basic abilities can effectively confuse enemies, allowing Omen to secure a kill or two for his team.

Omen can be lethal in Valorant's Lotus


Omen's signature ability gives him the power to deploy two smokes simultaneously, each of which stays up for 15 seconds. His smokes recharge by one every 30 seconds, which allows him to keep deploying cover for his team.

Omen also carries a Blind ability that nearsights and deafens enemies for two seconds, enough time to secure some kills or change positions. His other basic ability lets him teleport to a ranged location - a great way to escape, secure an off-angle, or dumbfound enemies.

Omen's Ultimate doesn't bring much to the plate compared to his primary abilities. It's primarily used to pick up a drop spike from any location on the map.

However, with proper timing, players can quickly reach a safe spot on the map using Omen's Ultimate and initiate an unexpected lurk on their enemies. Being a huge map, Lotus will encourage such strategies.

Dark Cover

Omen's signature ability, Dark Cover, lets him deploy 'shadow spheres' through an alternate dimension in Valorant. Players will have to face a range, but they can easily provide Omen's smokes to a plant site from afar. Deploying Dark Cover isn't tricky, but it can be reasonably confusing for beginners.

Omen's smokes can create an effective one-way cover that can give an added visual edge over the usual peeker's advantage. Most players wouldn't want to push through such a situation; thus, one-way smokes serve as an effective strategy on defense.

Apart from one-ways, players can also deploy normal smokes upon site entrances or important doors to block a push. For example, on defense, you can block A Lobby to A Root entrance with a smoke to take control of the space between A Rubble and A Main.

On attack, players need to consider all the chokepoints on a site. Deploy Omen's Dark Cover to cover the most critical points before going ahead with your strategy.



In Valorant's Lotus, Omen can send his Paranoia through rotating doors to displace enemies from holding the other side. He can also use the ability to clear a part of a plant site while his team takes care of the rest. This strategy can help him gain early entry and control over the non-plant areas of a site.

Due to Paranoia's near sight and deafening effect, Omen can use his Shrouded Step or short teleport in conjunction to catch an enemy off-guard.

Shrouded Step

Omen's second basic ability lets him take control of off-angles like no other Valorant Agent. Players can use Shrouded Step to gain a height advantage over unsuspecting enemies and secure easy kills. They can also escape a messy situation using the ability, although it may not always be very effective.

Omen can quickly teleport to higher grounds or off-angles in Lotus' A and C sites. He can do so while on attack or defense. He can also teleport to the other side while opening a rotating door, but someone on the team has to have his back.


From the Shadows

Lotus is a huge Valorant map and heavily encourages lurking and intricate strategies. Omen's Ultimate will be extremely useful in such cases, letting him teleport to any part of the playable map and catching enemies off-guard.

On attack, Omen can lurk into a site, clear it, and then use his Ultimate to pick up the spike. He can secure kills as a lurker and teleport to his team to give them cover.

Omen's powerful kit makes him one of the most flexible Agents to pick in Valorant's Lotus. There are umpteen ways to use his abilities creatively and win matches. Omen can also thrive in double-controller team compositions, which is an excellent strategy for Valorant's newest three-site map.

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