Brimstone vs Omen in Valorant: Which Controller is better on Ascent? (2023)

Brimstone vs Omen in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Brimstone vs Omen in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Ascent is a popular map in Valorant, and choosing the right Controller can be crucial to your team's success on it. Brimstone and Omen are two beloved Controllers in Riot Games' first-person shooter. Both characters have unique abilities that make them powerful picks on the map.

However, which one is the better choice? It ultimately comes down to playstyle and team composition, as each character has their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Brimstone's pros and cons in Valorant

Brimstone is known for his support abilities that can aid his team in a variety of ways. His Incendiary ability allows him to throw a grenade that will explode upon landing and create a lingering area of flame that will harm opponents within its range. This can be especially useful for pushing enemies out of a particular area or clearing out chokepoints.


Brimstone's Smoke Grenades can be used to obscure vision and provide cover for his team, making them useful tools for flanking and pushing objectives.

Meanwhile, his Stim Beacon ability boosts the fire rate of his teammates, which can be helpful in fights where taking down an enemy quickly is key.


Brimstone's ultimate ability, Orbital Strike, is a powerful tool that can deal massive damage to enemies caught in its radius. This can be useful for finishing off low-health enemies or breaking through enemy defenses.

It should be noted that all of Brimstone's abilities have relatively long cooldowns, so they should be used wisely. Additionally, his abilities may be less effective against enemies that are spread out, as they rely on dealing damage over an area rather than targeting specific players.

Omen's pros and cons in Valorant

Omen excels at disruption and confusion. His abilities allow him to teleport, obscure vision, and even cause enemy players to panic and disperse.

Omen's Shrouded Step ability lets him teleport to a nearby area, making him difficult to track and catch.


The Agent's Dark Cover ability creates a cloud of smoke that obscures vision and can be used to set up ambushes or escapes. Meanwhile, his Paranoia ability causes a beam of shadow to fire in a straight line, causing enemies caught in its path to be near-sighted.

Omen's ultimate ability, From the Shadows, allows him to reposition himself on the map, setting up surprise attacks or escapes. This can be especially useful for setting up flanks or catching enemies off guard.


It should be noted that Omen's abilities rely on surprise and can be countered if the enemy team is prepared for them. Additionally, his abilities may not be as effective against enemies that are already engaged in a fight, as they rely on causing confusion and disrupting enemy positions.

Both Controllers are equally viable on Ascent

So which controller is better on Ascent? It ultimately comes down to playstyle and team composition.

Brimstone's support abilities can be very useful in a team-based strategy, allowing him to aid his teammates in a variety of ways. However, as mentioned earlier, they have longer cooldowns and may be less effective against enemies that are spread out.

Omen's abilities, on the other hand, can be very effective in the right hands, allowing him to cause chaos in enemy lines.

It is important to remember that no single character in Valorant is the "best" in every situation. The key to success in the game is to adapt to the changing circumstances of each match and choose the character that fits the team's needs.


It doesn't matter whether one picks Brimstone's support abilities or Omen's disruption tactics. Both Controllers can be powerful picks on the Ascent map with the right strategy and teamwork.

It is also worth considering the rest of the team's composition as one should choose a character that complements their strengths and weaknesses in Valorant. By working together and adapting to the changing circumstances of each match, victory will be well within reach.

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