5 Agents that can counter Harbor in Valorant

Five best Agents to play against the upcoming Controller Harbor in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Five best Agents to play against the upcoming Controller Harbor in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games is all set to introduce a brand-new Controller to the Valorant roster. Harbor, an Indian Agent with a fascinating lore, is coming to the game with a variety of abilities.

With that being said, one might still be excited to see how Harbor affects the meta in the shooter with all his abilities. All of them seem to be based on protecting his team and blocking enemy vision. Players will be wondering about the various ways to counter the Agent.

This article will list the five best Agents to pick when going up against Harbor in Valorant.

Fade and 4 other Agents who will make for perfect counters against Harbor in Valorant

5) Fade


Fade excels at countering Harbor with almost all of her abilities. Her Prowler is the most powerful tool against the latter's Cascade, Cove, and High Tide abilities. She can also use her Haunt to detect any entities on the other side of the High Tide.

Fade can also prove to be exceptionally great against Harbor when using her Seize ability inside his Cove. In addition, her Nightfall Ultimate also counters Harbor's every ability to detect him and his teammates. She is one of the most useful counters against the Indian Agent.

4) Raze


Raze's kit is perfect as it is also lethal against Harbor's abilities. Her Boombot can easily sweep areas and give information to her teammates while dealing damage at the same time. Paired with her Paint Shells, it makes the latter's life harder when he's behind his cover.

Raze's Blast Pack can also prove to be useful when paired with some other Initiator abilities that could work perfectly to draw Harbor and his team out of their Cove or High Tide.

3) KAY/O


KAY/O's entire kit can jeopardize Harbor's setup within seconds. KAY/O's ZERO/POINT signature can detect any enemies behind covers. He can also use his Ultimate NULL/CMD to suppress opponents hiding within range to get an idea of the location.

KAY/O's signature will also shine when paired with his FRAG/MENT molotovs to draw Harbor out of his position and become an easy kill. He can also use the FLASH/DRIVE to pop-flash inside the Cove or Cascade to get an easy frag. KAY/O can deal sufficient damage to the Indian Agent and his team when used aggresively.

2) Viper


Viper is the only controller in Valorant who counters Harbor and at the same time shares a similar wall-like ability. Her Snake Bite can deal a lot of damage to Harber in post-plant situations when paired with her decaying Poison Cloud Smoke.

Viper can also prove to be a valuable counter when she uses her Snake Bite mollies to cornet Harbor in tight locations, similar to KAY/O's FRAG/MENT.

1) Skye


Skye can use two of the best abilities to counter Harbor in various ways in Valorant. Her Blinding Lights can easily detect enemies through the sound cue it gives upon flashing an opponent. Additionally, Trailblazer is the perfect recon against the Indian Agent's abilities when it comes to droning out an area.

Skye also shines with her Seekers Ultimate to draw Harbor out and make him helpless against her in every way possible. She is the best Agent to play against Harbor as most of her abilities can directly counter him while also matching under most Agent lineups.

The aforementioned Agents are the five best picks when it comes to countering the upcoming Agent, Harbor, in Valorant. The title will have significant meta changes after the new addition to the roster.

Existing Controllers like Viper and Brimstone rule in most maps. Harbor plans to change that as stated in the Stage of the Game article released by Riot Games a few weeks ago.

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